George Soros is steadily a target of antisemitism and the Jews are not supporting him either

George Soros is steadily a target of antisemitism and the Jews are not supporting him either
George Soros is steadily a target of antisemitism and the Jews are not supporting him either

Recently, Soros has been trending on media platforms worldwide, this time not for his philanthropic work or his wins on the foreign exchange market, but rather, for accusations about promoting violence during the black culture lives matter protests and recently facing antisemitism while his fellow Jews act indifferent about it. Recently, Josh Kantrow who is a Jewish lawyer and an avid Republican expressed his disdain for Soros’ philanthropic donations towards Democratic causes, and he didn’t concur with Soros’ constant criticism of Israel and his support for left-wing organizations there. Kantrow openly showed his support for Chicago columnist Josh Kass who was recently demoted for his comments about local prosecutors having an overwhelming sense of lawlessness after receiving donations from Soros. This seems to be a blow on Soros’ many philanthropic work as it assumes that his donations are tainted bribes to push his personal agenda. Although Kantrow sides with the journalist, he caution’s him to be careful especially making comments about Soros since he is a survivor from the holocaust. 

George Soros is a successful hedge fund businessman, he is a billionaire and is known for his global philanthropic activities. He was born in England and made his way to Britain where he studied and later became the tycoon he is today. He has donated about $32 billion of his personal wealth to Open Society’s Foundation and their works worldwide. And also funding organizations that work against discrimination. In business, Soros is known as a hedge fund tycoon and one of the best forex traders in history. He once made a $1 billion profit when he shorted the British pound and is said to have broken the Bank of England. Soros manages his clients in New York at Soros fund management. Not only did he make millions trading on the forex market, but George Soros also made billions doing so. 

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Some comments on social media state that Soros survived the holocaust because he worked with the Nazis to pop out his fellow Jews from their hideouts and that he had admitted to doing this to the people. Conspiracies about George Soros have existed for a long time, but they got steam in 2015 during the refugee crisis, where Soros charity organization donated to a group that aided in bringing migrants into Europe and he was accused by antisemites of trying to replace Europe’s white people with a bunch of Muslims. This news focus agenda focus on Soros was recommended by his fellow Jews, Arthur Finkelstein and George Birnbaum.

Recently, George Soros has been accused by the far-right activists of funding violence in the protests going on around the USA for the lefties. Although this accusation comes without any evidence to prove the point. This led to a left-wing extremist sending a pipe bomb down into Soros’ house in 2018. And a few days later in Pittsburgh, a man who had spoken out against George Soros killed 11 Jews in a synagogue. The criticisms against Soros only grew within the years. A few years back, he was openly criticized by President Donald Trump for being the enemy of the people. 

It is not only the powerful and influential people who are pointing out Soros. Per the Anti-Defamation League, Soros received a million negative tweets about him in just one day, which says that the Soros speculations can fill in as an entryway to the racist subculture that blames Jews for turmoil in the USA. Many tweets indicated that Soros is behind the violence in the protests going on around the USA for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

A few Jews on the right feel no regret about all the Soros slamming online, despite him being a victim of antisemitism. Some of whom hold ground that the bashing of Soros is not antisemitic and that the slamming is nothing compared to the damage caused by his donations. There are also some Jews who defend Soros’ critics, from charges of racism. 

This all makes a situation for Jews who contradict Soros’ real activism however feel uncomfortable with the antisemitism against him. How can you criticise his billions of dollars in donations without criticising the accusation of him being the brains behind trying to destroy the American government?

If Soros is seen as someone who opposes Jewish interest, how then does he get the support of the Jewish people when he faces backlash for being a Jew

Like some other Jewish traditionalists, Lerner addresses the case that Soros is a survivor of hostile to Semitism, and protects the individuals who are blamed for extremism against Soros, on the grounds that he trusts Soros is just Jewish superficially. He doesn’t feel Soros has a Jewish lifestyle and says Soros neutralizes the Jewish public. He also agrees that Soros’ philanthropic activities are far more dangerous than any antisemitism against him.

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