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The CBEST, California Basic Educational Skills Test, is used by the CTC (California’s Commission on Teacher Credentialing) to evaluate the reading, mathematics, and writing skills of teachers applying for certification to become certified educators. The details of the test information and the preparation resources for the tests can be found on the CTC website. Passing these certification exams requires that candidates prepare adequately for each subset of the test. The good news is that you can get online tutoring to help with your preparation for the CBEST exam. The online platform offers numerous platforms where you can access CBEST tutors. Before choosing a tutor, you should look at their profiles and see what other students are saying about them.

Areas to be Evaluated in the CBEST

The CBEST covers three different aspects. These are Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. It is critical to understand each exam and the areas that will be evaluated during the delivery of the test. With an online CBEST tutor, you can have a seamless study experience. The tutor will teach you the different topics of the test and help you understand each of the exam topic’s components. You will also learn to develop your test-taking skills as you would be taken through some mock tests to evaluate your level of preparedness. Let’s look at the test information for each of the subtests of the CBEST.

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  • Mathematics

Candidates can expect about 50 multiple-choice questions in this section. You will be required to show your understanding of how to measure and estimate as well as display an understanding of how to round up numbers and establish the relationships that exist between numbers. Candidates will also be required to carry out some calculations in the test. Therefore, you should practice a lot and work with your tutor to achieve a good result in this section.

  • Reading

This subtest also has 50 questions consisting of a multiple-choice format. Candidates will be assessed based on their ability to measure written information. They will also be tested on their effective utilization of written data for research purposes.

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  • Writing

This section has two constructed-response assignments. One of these entails evaluating information given and providing a written response based on the prompting. The second assignment will require that candidates write about their experience. This will assess the ability of candidates to write information logically and clearly. This test does not require any specific knowledge of teaching strategies, subjects, or philosophies. It is a test of your ability to write concisely and adequately.

Best Way to Prepare for the CBEST

Candidates can pass the CBEST in the first attempt with the right preparation. Knowing how to prepare to achieve success makes the whole process more seamless. Here are the top tips to help you ace your test on the first attempt.

  • Get Online Tutoring Help
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A tutor is an experienced teacher who understands the content of the exam better than you do. They have probably taken the exam and reviewed different exam questions to understand what the examiner is looking for. Therefore, using their service gives you an edge in getting helpful resources and tips to help you achieve success in the test.

  • Use the CBEST Study Guide

You also have to invest in a personal study to review what you have learned from your online tutors. To do this, you need the CBEST study guide. You will find numerous lessons and practice tests to adequately prepare you for the test.


The online platform offers a rich platform where you can find study resources for the exam. Take advantage of these and ace your exam with no stress.

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