Getting the Most from Your Protein Powder


Whole food proteins are the ideal dietary consumption, but sometimes you cannot get enough protein from them. The good news is that many protein powders are effective supplements, depending on your health goals and dietary preferences. Before you find the best protein powder for you, understand how important protein in the body is first. 

There are two primary purposes why people want to add a protein supplement to their daily diet, and these are appetite and convenience. 


  • Appetite

People sometimes do not feel hungry, so they tend to get protein-deficient. It usually happens when an individual is sick and has an appetite loss, or still recovering from an illness and should meet their nutritional needs. 


  • Convenience

Sometimes, people are not interested or have no time to eat whole foods. In such a case, a person may have limited food options while travelling, undecided about his or her preferred sources of whole food proteins, has no desire to eat enough whole foods, or is busy with work and other responsibilities. 

Protein deficiency can result in:

  • Nail, hair, and skin problems
  • Weaker bones
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Heals slowly 

What is Your Goal?

Depending on your specific goal, here are some factors to consider and what you are hoping to achieve from your protein drink:


  • Weight gain
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If you want to increase your weight, for example, after an illness that decreases your appetite, choose high protein powders, particularly if you are not getting much nutrition.


  • Weight loss

If you are intent on losing those extra pounds, then check the ratio of your powder from protein to calorie. The best protein supplement for fat loss has high protein content and low in fat and carbs. 


  • Muscle gain

In building muscle, the primary goal is to take ample protein, so look for a powder that has a higher protein-calorie ratio. 


  • Meal replacement

If you intend to consume protein shakes as a replacement for your meals, make sure to take other essential nutrients with it too. You can make your shake and incorporate it with veggies and fruits. 


  • Recovery performance
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Pay attention to your carbohydrate-protein ratio if your goal is to maximize recovery post-workouts. Also, take into account your overall calorie and macronutrient intake during the day, as they also determine your athletic recovery. 

How to Consume Protein Powder

Protein powders are perfect for those who need healthy but quick meals. You can combine the powder with milk or water. You can also add it to smoothies. If you want to lose weight, having protein powder together with some fruits and greens during breakfast or snack can help control your desire to eat later in the day. On the contrary, if you need a faster recovery after your resistance training, drink your protein before or after the workout. 

Besides shakes and smoothies, you can incorporate the powder into your daily diet using these other ways:

  • Add it in baked goods such as muffins and bread.
  • Make energy bites out of it, including nut butter and dried fruits.
  • Add it to pancakes.
  • Mix it into your yogurt.
  • Add it in your oatmeal.

Protein powder supplements are a smart way to meet your nutritional requirements. So, if you want to meet the protein goals of your body, whether for appetite, convenience, or other purposes, protein powder may be the best solution for it.


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