Ghostbusters: Afterlife Release Date Confirmed, Cast And Storyline

ghostbuster aterlife

Ghostbusters is an upcoming American supernatural comedy film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Gil Kenan, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis. It stars Melissa McCarthy as a ghost-hunter who starts up her own ghost-catching business with other ex-parapsychologists when ghosts invade Manhattan.”

The ghostbusters have been in the ghost-busting game for a long time. They are used to being on the go, but this time they’ll be going undercover as they take care of some ghostly business. With an Afterlife release date confirmed, it’s time for you to get excited!

Release date:

10 November 2021

Cast and characters:

– Susan Sarandon as ghostbuster Dr Erin Gilbert: the ghostbuster who has been trying to do research on ghosts and keep her ghostbusting days behind her.

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– Finn Wolfhard as ghostbuster Dr Egon Spengler: the ghostbuster who is a genius but doesn’t always come off as so.

– Leslie Jones as ghostbuster Patty Tolan: one of the newest recruits and has an open mind to anything ghostly.

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– Melissa McCarthy as ghostbusters Abby Yates: the brilliant, tough woman determined to prove that she’s right about everything.

– Kristen Wiig as ghostbuster Erin Gilbert: the ghostbuster who has been trying to do research on ghosts and keep her ghostbusting days behind her.

– Chris Hemsworth as ghostbuster Kevin: the newest recruit who joins in for his chance to finally prove himself.

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– Matt Walsh as ghostbuster Walter Peck: a guy dedicated to stopping ghostbusters and putting them out of business permanently.”

“In Ghostbusters, our heroes face their greatest challenge yet,” director Jason Reitman tells EW. “There’s something in this movie we can’t have fought that takes them to a new level.”

Plot details:

They’ve got one last ghost to catch and it’s the most dangerous ghost they’ve ever encountered.” The ghostbusting heroes are at a crossroads in their lives, with all having left ghostbusting behind for everyday jobs or something new entirely. But when ghost activity spikes like never before and start to come at them in full force, they’re going to have whether ghostbusting is worth getting back into.”

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They’re reteaming with their old nemesis for this final ghost hunt and they don’t know who’s the side he will on come game time.”

“New York City has been overrun with ghosts. When we last left our heroes at the end of ghostbusters II, ghostbusting was a profession no more.”

“The ghostbusters are out of business. But the Ghostbusters are back when ghost sightings start occurring all over Manhattan, and people once again need their services.”

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