God of War 6 – Game play and Rumors

God of War 6 game

God of war’ is a game, which is known to every fervid gamer. Its much dominance on play-stations came instantly after David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica studio created this glorious game. The story-line follows the Greek mythology where the Spartan warrior, Kratos, kills his wife by trickery. It was his master that tricks him to kill his wife to which he retaliates and kills his master, Ares, The Greek god of war. Having killed the God of war, Ares, he becomes the new god of war; however, the nightmares and the flashback haunts him. So, he embarks upon a journey along with his son to fulfill his recent deceased second wife’s wish, which is to spread her ashes from the peak of the 9 realms.

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In the whole game series, it has caused havoc with its brilliant graphics and “tight and responsive controls” in recent years and we hope that to continue until its very end. The release date of God of war 6 is not the talk of the town, as the latest series was released off-late.

Previous game-play vs upcoming game-play
Throughout the first era, it has only featured the third person, fixed cinematic camera, while the only exception was experienced in the Betrayal, which had a 2d side-scrolling view. However, in the 2018’s God of war, the camera has become an over-a-shoulder thing and they ultimately switched from fixing the camera. While we have the liberty of assuming, we could say that in God of war 6, they could bring a new perspective, however, having brought the viewing angle from the shoulders had made the viewing great and we wish they should not change it until God of war 6 releases.

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The God of war series was a success story to be told, however, a coin has two sides and the other side of success was criticism. The problems like puzzles, weapons and technical issues were encountered. To elaborate the technical issue, it was discovered that the “game’s framerate dipped along with occasional screen tearing,” and also the lack of innovations in the area of a variety of enemies was brought to the notice and was heavily criticized. The redemption might be on its way since the creators are doing it all to rectify all the problems like enemy creation. As we know, they are not short of ideas when it comes to conjuring the enemies into the game, but a simple way they can add some creativity is to get that varied range of half animal and half heathen to attack the
protagonist down the line. If they somehow resolve these problems and can do some unique work then we will definitely be going to experience the masterpiece yet again in the God of war 6.

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