GogoPDF’s Simple Process For Watermarking Various PDFs


Once a PDF gets uploaded online, taking ownership of it is nearly impossible. Unless you place a watermark on your PDF, you can effectively ensure that no one else will claim ownership of your document. With this fact, it’s essential to add a watermark to various documents like PDFs. It’s an effective way to protect valuable PDF files that contain sensitive information.

GogoPDF has an Add Watermark to PDF tool that anyone can use for free. This tool allows users to choose different ways to add a watermark to any PDF. It’s also free, and anyone can access it through GogoPDF’s online platform. Here’s more about this online PDF Watermarking tool. 

Adding A Watermark To Your PDF Online

As we said, this online watermarking process is incredibly simplified. Anyone can rely on GogoPDF to add watermark to PDF without any issues, problems, or difficulties. Watermarking your PDF files truly does not get easier than this. Here’s how you can add watermarks to your PDFs:

First, you’ll need to select, import, and upload the PDF files from your computer. You may also upload by dragging and dropping the PDF file into this PDF watermarking tool. Next, grab the image or type the text that you’d like to use as your watermark. Subsequently, select the position of the watermark and click the “Add Watermark” button.

This PDF watermarking process should only take a few minutes to complete. Once done, users may email the watermarked PDF document or directly download it to any device. An option to share the watermarked PDF file to any social media platform or account is also possible.

Speedy Watermarking Process

Before, tools that allow users to edit PDF files were often hard to come by. But with GogoPDF, anyone can now add watermarks to their PDF documents. Besides a simplified process, adding watermarks to any PDF is also incredibly swift and speedy. You surely won’t waste precious time watermarking your PDF files!

Adding watermarks to your PDF documents is effortless on GogoPDF. It’ll only take a few minutes and a couple of clicks to add a watermark to any PDF. GogoPDF is all about efficiency, and it gets the job done, and your PDFs will be watermarked in no time.

GogoPDF only requires you to identify the text or image you’d like to use as your watermark. It’ll also need you to select the position in which you’d like to see the watermark. Once done, GogoPDF will be the one to handle the rest and get your PDF file watermarked in no time!

GogoPDF On All Platforms

GogoPDF provides its services on all platforms. With this fact, this PDF watermarking tool is 100% accessible on any platform that you want. Anyone can freely add watermarks to their PDF using their Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. Moreover, it won’t present any compatibility issues upon being accessed on any platforms, as mentioned earlier. 

GogoPDF is a web-based platform that provides a PDF watermarking tool online. In turn, all you need to add a watermark to any PDF is a web browser. Simply access this PDF watermarking tool through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and many more!

This PDF watermarking service is available on any device, whether desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Feel free to add a watermark to your PDFs using any iOS or Android-based device!

Safe & Secure

We’ve already touched and shed light on the fact that some PDF files may contain sensitive information. With this fact, GogoPDF sees to it that the files and documents of its customers remain safe and secure. It’s fully committed to the privacy of all customers and users who avail of its services. 

GogoPDF also takes further steps and precautions upon upholding the privacy of its customers. Any file that’s uploaded to its servers will be automatically removed and deleted after an hour. This effective strategy helps in making sure that no one will access your files after you upload them online.

GogoPDF is a reliable online platform that allows users to add watermarks to any PDF for free. It’s a safe and secure alternative to adding watermarks to any PDF file. 


There are not many online platforms that offer services that allow users to edit their PDF files. With this fact, GogoPDF’s PDF watermarking tool is the best online alternative in adding watermarks to any PDF. It’s simple, swift, simplified, and, most of all, free. 

With GogoPDF, you won’t have to worry about any ridiculous steps, processes, or fees needed in adding watermarks to your PDFs. Simply upload any PDF file into this online PDF watermarking tool, and GogoPDF will handle the rest.

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