Good News! Disney is making Tron 3

Tron 3 trailer

The future of Disney’s Tron franchise has become a riddle. Most of the people love it and a few hate it as well but it was indeed a spectacular visual treat for sci-fi lovers. It is an American science fiction movie series by Walt Disney Pictures. The story is about a character ‘Tron’ in a computer program which fights and eliminates the evil characters.

The first part of Tron franchise was released in 1982 and after decades Disney released the sequel titled as Tron: Legacy on December 17, 2010. Then again in 2015, Disney again announced the third instalment titled as ‘Tron: Ascension’ confirming that work on the movie will be started soon. But now again it seems like Disney will take another decade to release the third movie.

After a few weeks of its announcement, the movie was cancelled by Disney even after finishing up the pre-production work because of many reasons. One of the major ones was the budget concern as it is going to be a really expensive movie.

Disney seems taking fewer risks while making movies mostly focusing on live-action remakes which had already been big hits and liked by people. Obviously, in that way, there are more chances for them to get successful rather than making another Tron movie which is quite risky. Maybe this is why Disney is not serious about it.

Just like Tron, another recent movie by Disney, ‘Tomorrowland’ was also a sci-fi film and in spite of having great actors and makers the movie got flopped and was not able to even cross 100 million dollars at the American box office. They are kind of considering it a sign that audience is not really liking such kind of movies now.

After so many reasons and rumours about the next follow up movie getting cancelled, the fans got disappointed and lost hope.But now recently Jared Leto has confirmed that the movie is still on. He said that it was a huge movie and there is so much left unsaid which is to be covered in the next follow-up. It will definitely happen and the team is really looking forward to it but it is too early to confirm anything about it.

In an interview, Garrett Hedlund who played Sam Flynn in the last installment even gave a hint that the movie will happen for sure. He seems very excited as he will definitely be reprising his role in the next movie also. But he also mentioned that everything is uncertain as of now and it will take a lot of time.

Jared had even said in an interview that the third installment is in a ‘Cryogenic Freeze’ which means it is not completely dead. The movie will definitely happen. But when? Well, even the makers do not know that yet!

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