Google along with others monitoring illegal poaching activities in Japan

The Japan Fisheries research and education agency is going to work with Google and others in order to run a system which will be used to monitor poaching at the sea. The decision has been taken because the number of foreign ships illegally fishing in the waters of Japan has increased in number.

This particular move is known to aim to set up an investigation of marine poaching. This is done because illegal poaching by the foreign ships is considered to be one of the main reasons behind Japan’s poor catches in sanma saury and other sea products.

The particular scheme is going to use a system that is known as the Global Fishing watch. This system was developed by the US information technology along with other giant entities. The system can show the position of ships and also it’s courses on the map. The system is designed to automatically identify ships which are then received by satellites and then by the base station on the land.

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It is assumed that with the help of the systems it will become easier to detect the ships that operate in the prohibited fishing areas and to which port the illegal fishes are being delivered to. The FRA is going to deliver pictures of the ships to Google which is then going to provide other map data such as the movements of the ship. They are planning to start off with their investigation from the Pacific.

The FRA is known to have signed an agreement with the Global Fishing watch which also includes Google along with a research institute from Australia. The three groups are going to hold a meeting in the month of October in order to figure out their course of action before, they start with their surveillance of illegal fishing along with the Fisheries agencies.

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The illegal fishing in the waters of Japan is mostly done by North Korean ships who operate in the prohibited areas in order to catch surume squid.

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