Goose game and control without a title win big at the DICE 2020 Awards


While The Game Awards can get all the general attention these days, the video game industry still meets every year for the DICE Awards. In the 23rd annual DICE Awards, the big winners were Control, Goose game without titleY Sayonara Wild Hearts. We have included a list of all winners below.

SAYS, which should not be confused with the EA SAY study (Battlefield 5), is an acronym that means Design, Innovate, Communicate and Entertain. The DICE Awards are the centerpiece of the three-day annual DICE summit, organized in Las Vegas by the Nonprofit Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS). This year's awards ceremony, which took place Thursday night, was presented by Greg Miller and Jessica Chobot. Unlike The Game Awards, whose nominees and winners are selected by journalists and video game critics, the DICE Awards are chosen by developers and other members of the gaming industry.

In addition to the usual categories, AIAS also induced Connie Booth, vice president of product development for Sony Interactive Entertainment, to the AIAS Hall of Fame.

"Booth has been essential in helping to produce numerous critically acclaimed SIE games and commerce in the past 25 years," AIAS said in a press release, "including Siphon filter; SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs UU.; Jak and Daxter; Sly cooper; Ratchet and Clank; Infamous; Resistance Fall of man; Unexplored; The last of us; Past days; Y Marvel's Spiderman. Booth has also dedicated himself to incubating young talents to create wonderful experiences for PlayStation fans. "

Connie Booth, vice president of product development at Sony Interactive Entertainment, enters the AIAS Hall of Fame in 2020.

Photo: AIAS

The full list of winners is below.

Game of the year

Goose game without title

Outstanding achievement for an independent game

Goose game without title

Outstanding achievement in audio design

Death stranded

Action Game of the Year


Adventure Game of the Year

Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order

Family Game of the Year

Super Mario Maker 2

Yes Fight Gamer

Mortal Kombat 11

Immersive reality game of the year

Gun whip

Immersive reality Technical achievement

Blood and truth

Online game of the year

Apex Legends

Outstanding achievement in animation

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Outstanding achievement in art direction


Outstanding achievement in character

Goose game without title

Outstanding achievement in game design

Baba, it's you

Outstanding achievement in original music composition


Outstanding achievement in history

Elysium disk

Outstanding Technical Achievement

Death stranded

Racing Game of the Year

Mario Kart Tour

Role Play of the Year

The outer worlds

Sports Game of the Year


Strategy / Simulation Game of the Year

Fire Emblem: three houses

Outstanding achievement in the direction of the game


Portable Game of the Year

Sayonara Wild Hearts


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