GPs warned regarding delay to vaccine batch

The GPs in North Wales were advised to count a delay in the Covid 19 vaccine appointments that were conducted earlier in the next week for holding up and affecting more than 26,000 doses. The Betsi Cadwaldr health board is known to manage the healthcare on the area and it has said that it has been a national issue for all and was expected to be resolved in the upcoming days. The Welsh Government had further said that one Oxford AstraZeneca batch out of the four was delayed. It was due and was expected to be shared between the Wales’ seven health boards and it had also stated rollout plans that were unaffected. 

The Welsh Government had even said that it is going to get more Pfizer vaccines by the month of February irrespective of the shipments that will probably get temporary slowed due to the changes in the manufacturing process of the company. Besides, 4 percent of the population in Wales did receive a vaccine till now. The executive director primary and community care at Betsi Cadwaldr University Health board, Chris Stockport had even said that the organization was notified about a delay in releasing a batch of vaccines which would probably be disrupted and would hinder the national supply by the mid of the next week. In order to help minimizing the anxiety and disruption, we have informed the GP practices of this supply issue at the earliest and he has even suggested that they would wish to delay the appointments earlier by the next week. 

We further expect the issue to get resolved in the coming days and we also expect an allocation of the vaccines further to be arriving over the coming week. Wales is currently going through the procedure of working with the partners to reduce the disruptions and assure the rollout of the vaccines. A Welsh government spokeswoman had said, “We were recently notified that one of the four batches of the vaccine we had anticipated receiving this week will be delayed, and not available until the week commencing 25 January.” It was even reported as, “This does not affect our overall expected delivery volumes or expectations for hitting the milestones set out in our Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy for Wales.”

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