Gray Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Extra Cozy

Gray has almost always been synonymous with “drab” or “dreary,” but gray bedroom ideas are out to disprove that. 

Gray bedrooms have seen a boom in popularity lately, and for a good reason — even though it’s a neutral color, it’s effortlessly chic and elegant. Not just that, but gray is also one of the most versatile bedroom colors, which means if you’re planning a makeover, you should easily be able to match your existing furnishings to your walls. 

However, as stylish as they can look, the one disadvantage is that gray bedrooms carry the risk of looking cold and uninviting. Fortunately, the right design tricks can help you achieve an ultra-cozy bedroom that you’ll never want to leave. Let’s take a look at some of the best gray bedroom ideas to elevate your space. 

Pick a Bright Accent Color 

While all-gray can undoubtedly be stylish, it can also appear dull. The best gray bedroom idea for breaking up the monotony is to pick a bright accent color. 

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If you prefer to keep things simple and opt for a minimalistic vibe, you could pick stark white as your accent color of choice. Alternatively, you could also go bold and incorporate even brighter colors to show off your personality, such as yellow, blue, or red. 

The key to achieving balance is to use the accent color sparingly. Instead of opting for a bright red bedspread to add a pop of color, consider decorating with red throw pillows.

Incorporate Shades of Gray 

Can’t find the perfect gray? Don’t fret because you don’t just have to pick one. To ensure your bedroom doesn’t look too flat, it’s essential to add some dimension. A great gray bedroom idea for achieving that is to experiment with different shades of gray. 

For instance, if you don’t want your walls to be too dark, opt for a light gray shade to create the perfect neutral canvas for your makeover. Then, you can incorporate deeper shades of gray into your bedding, furniture, upholstery, and decor. 

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Create the Illusion of Space

Lighter gray shades can help you open up your space and make your room look larger than it is, which can come in especially handy if you’re working with small dimensions. But in addition to using paint as a trick to create the illusion of space,  finding the right mattress size is also an important gray bedroom idea. 

Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, the wrong mattress size dimensions can be glaringly obvious. Before you make a mattress investment, it’s important to measure the dimensions of your room and conduct research about mattress dimensions online. 

Ideally, your mattress should be big enough that you can sleep on it comfortably but not too large that it takes up too much space in your room. While deciding, it might also be helpful to consider your preferences and lifestyle factors. 

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Add Greenery 

There’s no better way to breathe some new life into your room than by adding plants, so don’t hold back on this gray bedroom idea. 

Not only are houseplants a great decorative element, but some of them are also known for improving indoor air quality by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Polluted bedroom air can trigger many health problems, including coughing, wheezing, congestion, and irritation. Some plants known for their air-purifying qualities include the snake plant, lavender, aloe vera, and spider palm. 

Since green can be a bright pop of color in a gray room, consider putting your plants in neutral-colored pots, preferably something that matches the gray color scheme. 

When considering gray bedroom ideas to create a cozy bedroom, it’s also important to take your own style and preferences into account. For instance, if you prefer a minimalist or modern look, it’s best to steer clear of darker shades of gray and opt for the light tone instead.

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