Great money for meditation, new venture capital funds and how do you rate Airbnb? – Newsdio


Hello and welcome back to Equity, the podcast focused on venture capital from Newsdio, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

After having a good time with Rick Yang of NEA last week, we thought we would bring another venture capitalist. Then this week Danny Y I had Elliott Robinson Bessemer's approach for the show. It turned out that he was as correct as possible as a guest, since not only did the themes of the week coincide with the place where he invests, but he is also a friend of some of the people we discussed in the program.

So what are we talking about? A lot of things, including two rounds:

Then we turned to two new funds, including the battery of new Battery capital vehicles that total $ 2 billion. In this part of the discussion we also address the speed of capital and why some companies are issuing the same number of checks, but they still need more capital. At the other end of the capital spectrum, Equal Ventures put together its first fund and we reflected on the health of the microfund ecosystem.

The news continued, with our trio playing the recent financial results of Airbnb and our concern about how to put a price on the company, the closing of Brandless (RIP) and the problems in SoftBank.

All that and we had to leave only the fascinating earnings of Lyft and the promises of earnings of Uber, since we ran a little with just that set of themes. A good week and we will be back on Monday morning!


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