GTA 7 release is expected soon!

GTA 7 release date

Grand theft auto is a game which has always been on top and its marvel is experienced by many if not all of the gaming frenzy. GTA 7 is the not the talk of the town now because GTA 5’s successor GTA 6 has not launched yet and GTA 7 cannot be launched until GTA 6 comes out. It may seem like a long time until we play the game, however, this won’t stop us from anticipating how the game will be like and to be true some rumors suggest that the game will see the best graphics which none of the games of today’s generation incorporates.

One video containing the graphics of GTA 7 displayed the beauty of the game, from the video we can see that how the graphics of the game can really take us to the virtual world without making us realize for a fraction of second that we are playing a game. The streets of the city looked real and the streets were adorned with the wheels of the super-cars whose texture, color and vibe could make you go weak in your knees. However, this video was not uploaded by any trusted source or by Rockstar games themselves, so we cannot say for real if this is what we are going to see in the game.

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GTA 7 game

True or not we would savour the high-end graphics which could take us to the world of joy. Rockstar games has always been one step ahead with their counterparts when it comes to the missions. I personally feel that the missions of their games are worth playing every time I visit my gaming library. Just like the unexpected GTA 5, which unveiled 3 protagonists (Trevor, Michael and Franklin) who take on the missions with crazy attitude and reckless mind makes the characters enjoyable. The switching of the missions between these 3 guys made the game captivating and engaging as every character brought something new to the scenario.

Just the way how Rockstar games have surprised with the tantalizing current game, we expect nothing less in GTA 7.

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As far as the release date is concerned, we think they can launch it 4 years after they launch the 6th installment of Grand Theft Auto. So, maybe we can witness in the year 2022, as these are mere assumptions, we can nonetheless get the release date before or way after 2022. Nothing can be confirmed until some announcement comes from the creator or some trusted source.

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