Harbhajan hopes to play as long as he is fit enough. This is what he said

NewsDio Desk : It is very encouraging to see Harbhajan Singh, a veteran off-spinner, enter the upcoming IPL matches. At 40, even though he is oblivious to the questions about his age and how long he plans to play cricket. He feels that he can represent KKR in the IPL, given how fit he thinks he is at the moment.

As a fearless player, he was a great spinner who could also bat at critical times. 

The way he bowled was very innovative as he succeeded in making players sweat. 

I believe he is back playing for Kolkata Knight Riders after missing playing for CSK in the UAE last year. Harbhajan replies to questions from people asking him why he plays. He says that it is a matter of personal preference. I think that I am still able to step into the ring, so I will play. Harbhajan was responding to PTI in an interview. 

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Also, he says he does not have to prove he is who he says he is to anyone. The key to his success is committing himself, making the necessary effort to support the team, to do full justice to it. He said this and later moved to the team bubble. 

In his 23rd professional season he played for many years as a bowler known for carrying over 700 wickets. Playing for India in the 1988 Test series, he began his career. 

As a 20-year-old he said he knew he couldn’t train like him. However, he chirps that despite being 40 years old, he is still in great shape and has all the ingredients for any kind of success. 

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Playing in IPL, he knows to fulfill the expectations of the fans, just as he did for India. His reasons for not playing in UAE last year weren’t hidden.

He believes Covid 19 was wrecking havoc last year, and is deeply concerned about both the family and the quarantine phase he went through after returning from India. 

However, this year is an exception since the matches are being played in his home country. 

Despite being distracted by his wife, he continues to play and is expecting a second child in July. 

The debate then continued. Harbhajan reacted further.  

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