Harry Potter video games to include transgender characters

In a move which is seen as a way to neutralize the stand of the creator namely JK Rowling with regards to the associated controversy where his comments were seen as transphobic, he is set to include transgender in the next Harry Potter video game. 

Yes, it was earlier scheduled to release this year from publisher Warner Bros etc but it has been pushed to 2022 as per the statement coming from game’s creators Avalanche. The reason is to give much needed and desired time for the game, so that it can be one of the best and most happening games for people to derive enjoyment. The game will begin for the players to create a character which may have either a masculine or feminine voice, irrespective of their body type. 

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In a statement which was issued by the creator of the game he said that it is of utmost importance to create a game which makes use of the best possible experience for the games lovers so that they can avail the best time. Owing to the same, the game needed time and it is all set to release in 2022. 

Thereafter, players will get an option to select either “witch” or “wizard” which becomes the basis for determining the exact dorm in which they will be placed. 

Although, talking about the extent of customization which has become quite a common feature in video games, but it is exclusively different specially for Hogwarts Legacy. This move is an obvious neutralization to the comments made by him were infact considered as demeaning and disrespectful towards transgender. They were not supported by many where prominent faces of Danial Radcliffe and Emma Watson were in the frontline. 

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The comments have equally depressed the game developers to such an extent, that the development team has tried to make it as inclusive as possibly can. This entail that customization of characters are done with the inclusion of transgender characters. Although, the management initially showed resistance, yet in the current times the character customization is underway. 

There was resistance from management at first along with the people familiar with the project, but currently the character customization is included in the game.

There seems to be never ending controversy which has become a part of Hogwarts Legacy. The origin of the fiasco started with the gaming journalist revealing that a senior producer namely troy Leavitt created various videos where it has attacked feminism and ‘social justice’. It didn’t seem to end here, as he was also accused of supporting a loose community of gamers who used to harass game developers and journalists. 

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It is expected that the game will be launched on PC along with consoles such as PlayStation5, the Xbox Series X, and Xbox One X etc.

Considering the controversy and the associated steps taken to neuralize the whole aspect has certainly created much needed hype. It will infact add to its popularity, right at the time, when it will be released. 

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