Have a look at the best designed packaging of 2020

Customers’ first interaction with your brand and the product is when they hold the product packaging in his hands. So, indeed the packaging is the first thing that leaves an impact on the users. Within a few seconds, they will determine the quality of the articles without seeing the product itself. Whether you are shipping the items or presenting it on the shelf, the packaging must leave a positive impact on the users. Because of this reason, the business lay much impotence on how to design product boxes. They keep themselves updated with the latest trend in the packing industry and come up with innovative art pieces.

The business owners are exploring new packing material as a powerful replacement for plastic, aluminum, Styrofoam, and others. They are also looking for innovative designs for the custom boxes.

So there is a time when material such as see-through hemp, mushroom Styrofoam, and algae-based plastics, the designer is presenting the packaging in a novel way. It is an age when all business owners are looking for a way to customize packaging box to secure items, the urge to make something exciting and unique that takes attention to the product and packaging.

It is because users are searching for a signal that supports them to cause the purchasing decision. They achieve those messages or signals when they see articles presented on the shelf.

The one tends or design that was popular in past years; it does not mean that it works in presents. The requirement for the custom printed & packaging is changing with time. There are only a bunch of designs that companies are still following, but the percentage of new models is on the higher sides.

The Best-Designed Packaging of 2020

In 2020, the box manufacturers Chicago experiments with metallic colors, vintage elements, shapes, typefaces, and other factors to surprise their customers. Custom printed & packaging companies are working hard to deliver innovative and exciting designs to their customers. They understand the requirements of each article, and they design the best design following the latest trend. What makes them come with new patterns and designs is the development in the printing and packaging industry. There was a time when brands use the shipping box for mailing products but not the customized shipping boxes world as the retail boxes. So, they make shipping boxes that also perform as the retail boxes when it comes to packaging. It is the new trend that you can observe in the market. But there are still more to discover in terms of material, colors, typography, and much more, so get ready to find out more trending designs in 2020.

Minimalism Dominates

Minimalism is not a new trend. You have seen many brands whose custom printed box is following the criteria of minimalism. In 2020 this trend is still on the top.

Following the minimalist designs trend in 2020, the carton boxes designers strip away the undesirable factor form the designs. 

They use those images and patterns that are enough to deliver the company messages. In a custom printed box, minimalist has support to bring attention to the central element of typeface and colors.

Thus, typography and color pop up on the product packaging, so, in 2020, you can see the designs that are free from the clutter and intricate designs. Take the example of The Bodyshop. It is a perfect example of minimalism.

Product Packaging and Gradient effect

The gradient effect is one of the latest trends in packaging cardboard boxes. Why is this trend getting popularity? It is because it enables the designer to deliver the illusion of uniqueness and freshness. The designer blends various hues to revitalize the pattern or designs. So digital technologies make them create a beautiful gradient effect.

So if you are looking for the perfect designs for your articles, do not skip the gradient pattern. It will help your item to stand out in the market.

Let us take the example of Phenaligon’s perfume boxes. These elements add depth and dimension to the composition.


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Sustainable packaging

With each passing year, the brands and customers are looking for eco-friendly solutions for the product packaging. It is because of the rapid change in temperature. Global warming is leaving a harmful impact on the planet earth. In 2020, companies are still using customized cardboard boxes. If you dive into the characteristic, it is one of the best packaging materials so far. The cardboard is 100% biodegrade and sustainable; you can reuse, reduces, and recycles it. Adding the flutes between the two sheets of cardboard makes it strong enough to withstand forces. So, the corrugated shipping boxes wholesale companies are manufacturing some innovative shipping boxes for the articles.


There are the top three running trends to design product boxes and more to come. If you are looking for perfect design for the article, do not forget to follow these guidelines.

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