HBO Max reveals details about its upcoming Green Lantern series


It really is an amazing time to be a DC fan. After the disastrous LEAGUE OF JUSTICE in 2017, things changed. Earlier that year, the success of WONDER WOMAN by Gal Gadot announced things to come. AQUAMAN of 2018 was a great success and the JOKER last year, although not connected to the largest DCEU, broke box office records and only won eleven Academy Award nominations. Things look even brighter in 2020, as BIRDS OF PREY will be out next month and WONDER WOMAN 1984 later this year. And that doesn't even take into account the massive success of CW television shows and the Doomsday Clock series in the comics. Yep. Everything is coming to Milhouse for DC right now.

While a GREEN LANTERN CORPS movie is still in process, in October came the news that the writer Greg Berlanti (You, the chilling adventures of Sabrina, several CW Arrowverse sample) was developing a Green Lantern TV show for HBO Max. Since then, there has been little or no movement in the program, however, we finally have some specific details about the direction of the program. Speaking on the press tour of the Association of Television Critics, HBO Max's original content manager, Sarah Aubrey, said the show will have enormous reach by stating: "It will span several decades and focus on two stories about green lanterns on Earth." There will also be a focus on a third Green Lantern in space. "Enter the history of Sinestro".

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This has to be good news for Green Lantern fans. For those who count at home, the show will not have one, nor two, but Three Green lanterns in it. The fact that it takes place over a period of several decades means that we could be obtaining flashlights from various eras. I would not be surprised if Alan Scott of Golden Age appeared in addition to Hal Jordan of Silver Age. Most likely, John Stewart and perhaps even Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner also appear. The fact that Sinestro's story is going to be reexamined is encouraging. Mark Strong was great as the character of the 2011 Martin Campbell movie, but I felt he was underused. While there is a possibility that Strong will return, I am willing to bet that the new cast will be completely new to distance itself from the ridiculous movie.

HBO Max is certainly preparing for high quality content. They just announced that their next game of Thrones prequel show Dragon house it will fall in 2022. In addition, there is an upcoming Aquaman mini animated series that James Wan will produce. Director Adam McKay will also direct and produce a series of anthologies on climate change. HBO in general has a fairly proven track record when it comes to quality programming, so I'm pretty sure this program will be a success. Although Berlanti has the dubious distinction of having co-written the 2011 GREEN LANTERN film, I felt that his failures had more to do with execution and casting than with anything else. Everyone loves a good story of redemption, so I hope it's Berlanti's.

So what do you think of this news? What green lanterns do you want to see appear and who should play them? Are you worried that Greg Berlanti is part of the show? Let us know in the comments section below.


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