HBO Max sets Adam McKay's climate anthology The uninhabitable land


HBO Max gave the green light to Adam McKay's climate horror anthology series titled The uninhabitable land. McKay's work, both in the field of comedy and drama, has been a favorite among the public for years. He not only wrote and directed Oscar-nominated films as The great short Y ViceBut he is also one of the executive producers of the award-winning HBO series Succession, which is currently in production in season 3. He was also known for his production association with Will Ferrell at Gary Sanchez Productions, which was responsible for several films, including Step Brothers Y Talladega nights, but the company had an unfortunate end early last year.

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The new McKay series joins a wide variety of other projects on the new WarnerMedia broadcast platform, which will be launched this May. WarnerMedia officially announced HBO Max last summer, promising a wide variety of shows and movies from HBO, TBS and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The library will not only include award-winning dramas of the first, along with the popular Studio Ghibli catalog, but WarnerMedia also announced that they have exclusive rights for classic comedies such as Friends. This movement showed that the new service was ready to face the transmission wars, namely Netflix, and its latest project announcements sound even more intriguing.

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During the WarnerMedia Television Critics Association Day, HBO Max announced the new McKay anthology series, explaining that it is "inspired by the global best-selling book by David Wallace-Wells and the article of the same name in New York magazine." The show will be "composed of independent fiction stories that cover a wide range of genres" while focusing on "Possible futures that could result from the rapid warming of our planet." McKay is ready to write and direct the first episode, with the plan of "Enlist the best directors and writers to join in creating a provocative and entertaining series." McKay also thanked HBO Max for stepping up and committing to the project he's been on. "nibbling a little" take off, stating that there are "Obviously there is no such a vast and daunting topic."

McKay recently closed a five-year deal with HBO and HBO Max, so this series will surely be the first of many intriguing to reach its new streaming service. Along with this project, McKay also launched its new production company, Hyperobject Industries, at the end of last year. The company won a first feature film contract with Paramount Pictures at the same time, so it is clear that the writer / director / producer has a lot on his plate for the new year.

The new McKay series not only sounds interesting, but comes at an important time in this day and time when discussions about climate change should be of the utmost importance. The uninhabitable land it will surely be a captivating series and, hopefully, HBO Max finds enough success where the series can reach a large audience. The streaming service already has an incredible catalog, but this program will add an interesting variety. Clearly, McKay is passionate about the subject and is prepared to tell an equally entertaining and important story.

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