HBO Max Trailer shows the movies and TV shows that are broadcast in May


The HBO Max trailer has arrived. The new transmission platform is launched in May and they already have enough content. HBO is definitely flexing part of its creative muscle in its brief advance of the new transmission platform. friends It comes in front and center, with lots of other Warner Media properties. The network swings toward the fences as they prepare to fight Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, Apple, Amazon and more.

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In addition to all existing original HBO content such as game of Thrones Y The sopranos, HBO Max will feature its own separate original content, which is currently under development. Anyway, they have a rather striking advantage. They also have a deal with Star wars 9 director J.J. Abrams, along with access to all Studio Ghibili movies. The network boasts that they already have 10,000 hours of material ready for launch in a few months.

HBO Max has obtained exclusive streaming rights for Friends, Big Bang TheoryY South Park, to name a few. The streaming service is where Warner Bros. titles. The beginning of batman, Wonder Woman, Crazy Rich Asians, MatrixY jester may be seen HBO Max also has the Turner Classics Movies collection. HBO can take Disney +, which has all the Marvel Studios material, directly with its DC content. Basically, comic book fans will need both streaming services to get all their content, which could be quite expensive when everything is said and done. Transmission platforms have basically become premium cable add-ons for a new generation.

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This new HBO Max preview confirms that the streaming application will launch in May. There is no exact release date available at this time. While they already have quite amazing entertainment ready for launch, they also have Rick and Morty, The o.c., West wing, and much more on the way. The service will cost subscribers $ 14.99 per month and will be an additional cost for HBO cable subscribers who currently use HBO GO to stream to their various devices. It has not been revealed whether the network will offer special packages for the new transmission service.

HBO will continue to function normally, along with HBO Go. HBO Max is the future of its own original premium content when it arrives. Show how game of Thrones Y Last week tonight All will remain on the network for cable subscribers who have not yet cut the cable. While they haven't announced anything yet, they are telling cable subscribers to feel calm while they discover some kind of package. Subscribers who obtain HBO through AT&T video services (such as AT&T TV or U-Verse TV) will also have access to HBO Max at no additional charge. AT&T premium broadband mobile service subscribers will also be offered packages with HBO Max at no additional charge. You can watch the preview above, thanks to the YouTube HBO Max channel.

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