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Welcome to the reviews of the old school (and the new school) of KB. I have been reviewing wrestling programs for more than ten years and have reviewed more than 5,000 programs. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will post a new review here on, starting today. It could be anything from modern WWE to old school, indies and anything in between. Keep in mind that I rate using letters instead of stars and I don't rate matches in less than three minutes as really, how good or bad can something so short be?

Royal Rumble 2018
Date: January 28, 2018
Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
17,629 spectators
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T., Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton

It's hard to believe that two years have passed since this show, since I can barely remember most of the card. This show presents the first Royal Rumble of all women, which really is a milestone. Now, of course, they had to bring a lot of legends / former fighters that are not legends but are called to complete the lineup, but there are worse things to do. Let's do it.

Kickoff Show: Kalisto / Great Metalik / Golden Lynx vs. TJP / Jack Gallagher / Drew Gulak

They are not yet the Fight House Party, but they are the Fight House Party. As usual, the arena is still empty because we need a match an hour and a half before the show begins. Kalisto and Gulak start with a weak POWERPOINT song that annoys Drew. The speakers talk about the next General Manager of 205 Live while Kalisto twists his knee into something like an inverse Figure Four. Gulak is deployed, so Metalik and Gallagher enter (in his suit, of course).

A quick takedown sends Gallagher outside, where he insists that a fan doesn't boo him. TJP enters and that gives it a triple touch of the house party. We settle in TJP and Dorado exchanging wristwatches until Kalisto enters for a head key. The pace accelerates again, but this time it is Gulak entering and flying above the floor. The three fighters climb to the top and it's a triple moon jump to the floor to surprise the dozens of fans who attended.

Back from a break with TJP throwing Dorado out of the air so that the heat segment can begin. Gallagher hits a surfboard with double stomps on the knees and throws himself at a crank. Gulak walks away and returns to TJP to look annoyed at Dorado for not staying down. Instead, it's Gallagher going to the middle rope and looking terrified, allowing Dorado to roll. After a quick conference, Gulak enters when Metalik gets the tag to accelerate the pace. The elbow to walk with the rope receives two when everything is broken. The Golden Rewind double establishes a large double immersion of Metalik for two in Gulak. A quick sunrise ends the TJP at 13:13.

Classification: C. For my life I don't understand having these games so early. There is no one there and, although the action was fine, it is not as if someone reacted to them. They had a good combination here, although the dives took them where they wanted to go. 205 Live was still solving a lot of things, but the game worked well enough because people who can fly will always be worth it.

The crowd has been filled now.

Kickoff Show: Luke Gallows / Karl Anderson vs. Revival

What a lack of difference a year ago. The revival has just been hit by a bunch of legends that Dawson hits Anderson in the corner until a kick kicks him out of trouble. Dawson makes a label from the ground (I'm not sure if he can do it) and the distraction allows him to rake Gallows' eyes, although in reality he doesn't do much. The threat of a right hand sends Revival out and we take a break. Back with Dawson breaking Anderson's knee on the middle rope to give the Revival a goal.

Anderson bends in the corner when broadcasters ignore the game to talk about Brock Lesnar. The leg lock begins, so Anderson kicks him in the jaw for rest. That will always work, but it is not enough to take the label to Gallows. Another kick allows the label to Gallows so that the pace can accelerate. The house is cleaned but the Magic Killer breaks when Anderson returns for some reason. Anderson is well enough to shoot him in the head in the corner, only for a chop chop to finish Anderson at 9:14.

Classification: C. Another coincidence that only served as a filler for the filling time, which is one of the most annoying things you can have. It is a game that did not need to exist and only served to burn a little more energy from the crowd before reaching the games that really matter. The game was fine, although only one other game that didn't help much.

Kickoff Show: US Title UU .: Bobby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley

Open challenge seems. Roode is defending, having won the title less than two weeks ago. Before the game, Roode talks about winning the title and being the Glorious. Rawley plants it with one shoulder, but Roode is back with a hard clothesline. A Russian sweep receives two, but it is too early for a glorious DDT. Instead, Rawley sends him outside and to the barricade for two people while we take a break. Back with Roode still in trouble while Rawley sticks his knees in the ribs.

We hit the chin until Roode belly to the back supplexes his way to freedom. The Blockbuster is countered, but Roode slips and grabs a neck breaker for two more. Now the Blockbuster gets two, but the Glorious DDT is divided again. A spinebuster gives Rawley two and he sends Roode with his shoulder first to the pole. However, the running right hand is locked with a starter and the (not very) Glorious DDT retains the title at 7:37.

Classification: D +. For my part, I am very happy that we had to go through this too, with Roode barely breaking a sweat to retain the title in a game that was never in doubt. Roode is not exactly an exciting face, but even worse is the fact that he got stuck with the Death Title of the United States, which has hurt almost everyone he has touched for a long time.

The opening video talks about the opportunity for everyone, both in Royal Rumbles and in the triple threat. Fortunately, the rest of the card also has some time, even if Brock Lesnar still hangs over everyone.

Smackdown World Title: AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn / Kevin Owens

Owens and Zayn are challenging in a handicap fight as part of Daniel Bryan / Shane McMahon's love / hate story, Owens / Zayn, who was more about Shane than anyone else. I miss Sami's heel things, since he really is someone you want to get hit in the face. Owens lets Sami start, but comes out again. It's another tag a few seconds later, since they are clearly filling the time here. That is not a complaint, since there are many things that can be done realistically in a match like this.

AJ knocks down Owens without much effort, so Kevin slips to the floor and labels Sami from the floor with a pretty pleasant reaction. Sami attacks AJ by a little while Saxton turns off in Graves in the most emotional outburst I've heard of him. A cheap shot allows Owens to take over AJ with a hard whip in the corner and get two. They head out (Owens: "We'll play outside!") With AJ hitting the ribs first on the barricade.

Back and Sami grabs a broken chin quickly, allowing AJ to return hitting Owens. A lost cannonball in the corner hits Owens's knee to knock him down a bit, which allows AJ to take Sami off the top to rest. Owens tries to return but can't do much on the knee, which means it is Sami who carries a boot in the corner.

The moonsault in reverse DDT plants Sami but Owens goes back up. This time he throws AJ around the corner, but Styles catches Sami in a hurricane and sends him outside. AJ grabs the calf crusher in Owens until Sami dives to save her. Owens, with his knee in a hurry, loses a load on the pole, but is still able to hit AJ on the Blue Thunder bomb to close two. It's not exactly Sweet Chin Music in Pedigree in the Cell, but it's not bad. Important note: Sami had immobilized AJ with the Blue Thunder Bomb earlier in the week, so the movement was suddenly a threat. Little things like that can go a long way.

AJ escapes a superplex attempt and scores with Sami the Forearm while Owens makes a stop. Sami throws himself at Owens by a tag and is sent outside, letting Owens Pop Up Powerbomb be countered in a package to retain AJ's title at 15:50. The repetition shows that Sami might not have really labeled, which means that AJ covered the wrong man.

Classification: C +. This was just going to be so good, since you can only make AJ so helpless before he wins. Owens and Zayn are a great heel act, but they lost almost clean to a boy. Yes, it is AJ Styles, but that is not exactly the best way to present them. It doesn't help that it's just part of a story that involves Shane McMahon as a deranged boss, but you know we can't escape him anymore.

Wrestlemania announcement. I forgot how sick I got of that song.

Sami and Kevin complain to Shane about what happened and he really doesn't care.

Smackdown Tag Team Titles: Uses vs. Chad Gable / Shelton Benjamin

Gable and Benjamin are challenging and this is 2/3 falls. Before the game, the Usos shout a lot about this being their home and how they will win at the Use Penitentiary. Shelton goes down to Jey to start and Jey seems quite satisfied. Gable enters but a blind label allows Jey to enter and break the theory of rolling chaos. The challengers take a rest on the floor before a cutting block takes Jimmy's knee.

Shelton hits one of his own and it's time to really work the knee with a Robinsdale Crunch on a normal leg. A little stereo knees in the face drop Jimmy again and the charge continues to pull Jey out of the apron as an additional bonus. Since WWE tends to do the same things over and over again, the hot tag arrives after a few seconds, allowing Jey to speed things up and throw himself on the ground.

Back and a hip attack in the corner seems to set up the Superfly Splash, but Gable is ready just in time. Some rollups get two when Shelton returns to load a powerbomb. However, Chad has to knock Jimmy down, letting Shelton hit Jey against Jimmy. A good moon jump to the ground drops Usos, although it is not exactly enough to wake up fans.

Uses are back with superkicks in the Superfly Splash for a very close drop for two in Gable. Jimmy Superkicks Shelton and both Uses are shooting even more superkicks. A double superkick finishes Gable for the first drop at 12:08. The delay allows Shelton to enter and knock Jimmy down, leaving Jey to carry a bomb / apron clothesline from the apron to the floor. Back and … Jimmy packages Benjamin for the pin at 13:49.

Classification: D +. The action was not bad, but what was the purpose of stipulating the 2/3 falls? This was an observable game, but it was nothing more and the fans really didn't care. I'm not sure what they were going to go here and since the whole show lasted more than four hours, this could really have been cut to reduce almost twenty minutes in total.

Rumble through the numbers. That never goes out of style.

Jerry Lawler goes out to comment.

Men's Royal Rumble

90 second intervals here, which has unpredictable results. Rusev is at # 1 and Finn Balor is at # 2. Aiden English makes Rusev's introduction to a very, very strong reaction. Did you know that Philadelphia would be a city of Rusev Day. Rusev doesn't waste time trying to stun Balor, but he has to knock him down by an elbow. The spinning kick cuts Balor again and Rhyno is in # 3. It makes sense in the ECW Arena and he could go for Lawler making fun of ECW forever. Rhyno begins to clean the house and it is time for the songs of ECW. Clotheslines abound until Rusev's spinning wheel also knocks down Rhyno.

Baron Corbin is in 4th place because he couldn't even avoid it at the time. Corbin cleans a little of the house and catches Rhyno with Deep Six. That's enough to throw Rhyno, but Balor leaves Corbin a few seconds later for us to return to two. Corbin disagrees with that and pulls Balor to the floor (not removed) to throw him into the barricade. Rusev takes End of days and everyone is down. Heath Slater is at n. 5 and falls on the ramp to leave everyone again.

Elías, with guitar, of course, is in # 6 and since everyone is down, let's have a song! Look, now this makes some sense and is an appropriate way to spend some time and keep things fresh. After a kick to Slater on the way down the ramp, Elias confirms that people really want to walk with Elias. You always have to make sure, of course. The song is about spitting in the face of Rocky Statue (TOO FAR!) But the countdown clock interrupts him and is Andrade Hundred Souls (NXT Champion with Zelina Vega) at # 7. Now that is a good move and that happens the night after he won a classic match he does even better.

Souls don't waste time hitting the knees in the corner, but the DDT Hammerlock is broken. Bray Wyatt is in # 8 position and walks towards the ring pretty fast. Before entering, he hits Slater on the ground and sends him to the barricade, which means that Slater has not yet entered. Balor gets up and saves Elias from Sister Abigail, but is shot down, since it's all Wyatt. Big E. is in # 9 but first, we need to have some pancakes. A single belly to belly drops Wyatt, only for Rusev to appear with a superkick to Big E.

Tye Dillinger somehow gets # 10 again … but wait a second while Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens jump him from behind so Sami can take his place (as he knocks Slater down again to continue the gag). That gives us Rusev, Balor, Slater (on the floor), Elias, Souls, Wyatt, Big E. and Zayn. Nothing remarkable until Sheamus is in # 11 and even throws Slater inside … and he takes off his clothes just as quickly. Sheamus's surprise face is pretty good, although fans aren't happy when Wyatt eliminates Slater a few seconds later. Everyone is depressed again until Xavier Woods is # 12 so 2/3 of New Day can start cleaning the house, waking the crowd a bit.

Fans enter the countdown when Apollo Crews is # 13, which should kill the crowd again. I'm not sure why they are so quiet here, but maybe they are waiting for the grand finale. Again, not much happens and Shinsuke Nakamura is in # 14 to fill the ring even more. Fans are in Nakamura when he starts cleaning the house, including the knee running in the corner to get rid of Zayn in the old days.

Cesaro is in 15th place and cleans the house while fans get behind Rusev. They are quite fickle in Philadelphia. Kofi Kingston is # 16 and the New Day is in full power. Apollo almost gorilla presses Cesaro, but is sent to the apron himself, allowing Cesaro to cut him. Jinder Mahal is in # 17 position because we are so lucky. Woods throws him to the corner, but is removed from the top for disposal. Didn't we even get anything from the whole New Day on the whole thing?

Mahal also gets rid of Big E. and Seth Rollins is # 18 in a good reaction. The Rollins monkey turns to Cesaro because at least they keep the eliminations flowing. Mahal is going to leave Kofi, but Woods is still on the ground, which means that Kofi can land on him instead of the ground. Big E. offers a plate of pancakes for the other foot and a good case of jumps allows Kofi to return, complete with Big E. and Woods launching it again. Trouble in Paradise eliminates Mahal and it's time to cover it with pancakes. With the celebration rolling, Souls hits Kofi with the hammerlock DDT to get rid of Kofi.

The awakened Matt Hardy is in position # 19 (King: "Oh brother") and goes straight to Elias with the rams in the corner. Matt and Bray get together and eliminate Rusev, much to the fans' disgust. That's all for teamwork, since they eliminate it and then eliminate each other to clear the ring a bit. John Cena is in # 20, giving us Balor, Elias, Souls, Nakamura, Rollins and Dinner. The other five are waiting for Cena and trample on him, because they are quite intelligent. However, they are not going to elimination, because their intelligence is myopic.

Cena leaves Elias (because Cena always ruins Elias' night) and the hurricane is at # 21, to Cena's surprise. The Hurri-chokeslam is easily counteracted in an AA to get rid of the hurricane, which is also surprised. Aiden English is ranked # 22, but fans would rather discuss Cena. Adam Cole, with bad ribs, is # 23 and you know that these fans will like it. Balor (hey, he's still in this) eliminates English and is Randy Orton in # 24. Dinner ignores an attempt by RKO, so Souls takes it in its place and is expelled since the number of participants It stays at a good pace.

Titus O & # 39; Neil is in # 25 but no one seems worried about him. At least they know their history. Titus really hits Nakamura in the corner, as Cena and Orton have their contractually bound fight until The Miz Intercontinental Champion is # 26. That means the house can be cleaned, including the YES Kicks to Rollins and Cena . A Skull Crushing Finale keeps Dinner down, but Rollins beats Miz.

Rey Mysterio makes a surprise appearance in Lucky # 27, marking his first appearance in the company since the night after Wrestlemania XXX. The pace accelerates and Cole is removed from the scissors. Miz eats a 619 and is Roman Reigns in 28th place to annoy fans. Almost everyone has the right hand until he confronts Miz, who took the Recon intercontinental title at Raw earlier this week.

Reigns gets rid of Titus but Miztourage saves Miz, who takes the Stomp from Rollins for Shield's mini meeting. A DoubleBomb in the Miztourage gets rid of Miz … and Reigns pulls Rollins, although he seems to understand. Goldust of all people is ranked 29 and gets high scores.

Dolph Ziggler is in 30th place (Cole: "I thought he had retired or something!" This was after Ziggler vacated the U.S. Title and left without mentioning what he was doing. It does not mean nothing. Anyway, the final group is Balor, Nakamura, Cena, Orton, Mysterio, Reigns, Goldust and Ziggler. Cena tries an AA at Ziggler, which turns and lands on his leg, which he probably should have counted as full on impact Goldust scores with the powerslam snap, but Ziggler easily pulls it out with a superkick.

However, a bit of band tuning takes too long and Ziggler is hit in the apron so Balor can knock him out. They left the title to give Ziggler a two-minute cameo. Well done indeed. We have gone down to six and that is a CRAZY deep field, with Nakamura being the least successful in WWE. Balor takes an AA and is a 619 for Reigns, followed by an RKO for Nakamura (Lawler: "COVER IT! CURE IT! Oh, wait …").

Reigns gets up with a Superman Punch for Orton for a elimination, but it's Mysterio with a double 619 for Reigns and Dinner. However, Balor breaks a trampoline and Mysterio is out to leave us with four. Everyone is in a corner until it is Cena vs. Nakamura and Reigns vs. Balor Nakamura and Balor are shot down, making it a confrontation between Reigns and Cena, but nothing happens before the other two go back up. Nakamura's knee running in the corner rocks Balor, but he comes back in, only to get kicked in the head.

Reigns is back to save this time and NOW we have Reigns vs. Dinner for the big showdown. The slugout goes to Reigns but Balor gets up and starts shooting Sling Blades. Kinshasa cuts himself with a double blow of Balor, only for Cena to appear and throw Balor down so we can go down to three. A Superman Punch knocks Nakamura down, but he's back to kick Cena in the apron. Another knee sends Cena to the ground and we are in Nakamura vs. Reigns. I think you know who the fans are here.

They hit him in the middle and it's a Superman Punch to put Nakamura in trouble. Nakamura is sent to the apron, but returns with a strangled triangle on the ropes. That's pretty stupid, although it's also broken with a power bomb. The spear is cut with a kick in the face and the knee of the central rope to the face falls Reigns. Kinshasa is blocked by a tackle in the face (called a spear) but the second attempt works well. Reigns is standing and Nakamura throws him into victory at 1:05:29.

Classification: YES-. This is where you will have to think a little about things. First, the winner is a good choice. Nakamura was not yet broken and this is the kind of victory that can help him do it (he didn't, but he could have done it). Second, the last fifteen minutes or so with the final group were great and full of drama, since anyone could be seen winning.

The problem is everything else, which is not terrible, but neither is it too big. The first part hardly meant anything, since Balor was there from the beginning to the end. There were some nice surprises and it doesn't drag terribly or anything, but you can really skip the first half hour and not miss much. It is a fully observable Rumble, but it is in the middle of the package at best.

After the game, Nakamura (or Shin as Cole keeps calling him because WWE likes to make Cole sound like an idiot) chooses AJ Styles so that Wrestlemania really attracts the crowd. Sounds amazing to me and for the most part it was.

Rumble next year is in Phoenix.

Show bosses exchange boasting spikes. Looking a year later, I can't believe how stupid they look now. WWE really thinks we care about these stupid brand fighting arguments. I have no idea why, but that has been his narrative for years. Stephanie says that no matter who wins the Women & # 39; s Royal Rumble, everyone will be surprised. That is a good omen.

We look at Colonel Sanders Rumble of KFC, with Ric Flair recreating the 1992 Royal Rumble to win everything. I still believe that this is a feverish dream that they managed to record.

Raw Tag Team Titles: The Bar vs. Jason Jordan / Seth Rollins

Jordan and Rollins are defending after winning the belts on Christmas night. It is quite clear that Jordan is replacing the injured Dean Ambrose and that is not a bad thing. Rollins and Cesaro start things with Rolling taking control of a flying mare (you don't see it very often). He addresses Sheamus, but a quick distraction from Cesaro prevents Jordan from entering, which means Rollins returns to the corner.

An enzyiguri gives Rollins a break while the crowd is strangely silent. Cesaro breaks the hot tag attempt with Jordan and sends him to the post, leaving Rollins to embark on a suicidal dive in both challengers. Doctors are checking Jordan, although that could make sure he doesn't sleep. Cesaro takes a chin, which is the last thing this game could need. Rollins fights and tries the trampoline, but Cesaro takes it off his clothes.

A Wrecking Decapitator and a double recoil switch give the Bar two each and Rollins is in big trouble. However, Sheamus loses a load on the post, giving Rollins a break while Jordan is STILL down. Rollins obtains the Blockbuster in Cesaro, followed by the Falcon Arrow for two. Super White Noise breaks and Jordan is finally in the apron for a label. However, he immediately grabs his head and is labeled. That's fine with the Bar, since White Noise Peak recovers the titles at 12:50.

Classification: D. As you probably guessed, this was Jordan's last "match." I know he wasn't the most exciting guy in the world, but he was getting used to things until his neck faded and there was no going back. At least he had a good career and there is a very real possibility that one day he can return to the ring. It is not exactly fair to say that the game is bad … but it was really bad and the fans just left in a terrible way.

This is what comes to the network.

We recapitulate the match for the universal title. Brock Lesnar is a monster, two other monsters challenge his title, Braun Strowman is really strong and broke some things.

Raw world title: Brock Lesnar vs. Kane vs. Braun Strowman

Lesnar is defending. Braun starts fast with splashes in the corner and a kick in the fall towards Brock, followed by a knee in the head. Brock then DOWNLOAD Strowman with the right hands that closely resemble the receipts of a former UFC heavyweight champion instead of work shots. Lesnar shouts something that sounds like SLOW DOWN when Kane comes back up. Brock grabs a chair that hits his face, followed by a throw to the ground.

Some shots with the steps knock down Lesnar and Kane and it's time for a couple of tables inside. With a corner set, Strowman strangles Kane for two with Lesnar making the save. Three rolling German extras … don't do much to Strowman, who drives Lesnar through a table for two. Kane leads Strowman through the other table in the corner, but again, Strowman is upstairs. A German suplex sends Lesnar outside, but he is well enough to hit an F5 and send Strowman through the announcer table.

Since that is not enough, Lesnar turns the table of the other broadcasters into Strowman, literally burying him. Another F5 sends Kane through the table of the other speakers, because we need three of them in the ringside. Strowman is back, because of course he is, and Lesnar is not sure what to do. On the way back, Lesnar takes two powerful powers, just to have Kane save Strowman with some chair blows. Lesnar appears, sends them both, and Kane of F5 sits in the chair to hold at 11:00.

Classification: D. There were some good power points there, but this game didn't need to be on the card either. Lesnar won another game that did nothing for him and then left with the title for two and a half months, which was the case for a LONG time. I have the idea of ​​keeping Strowman warm, but they are taking too long to get anywhere.

We recapitulate the Royal Rumble of women. Stephanie McMahon announced that we needed one and everyone nodded because that's how WWE works.

Royal Rumble of women

90 second intervals, Maria Menunos is a guest speaker and Stephanie is commenting. When he arrives at the ring, the announcers are above them to deceive her, with phrases like "she is a pioneer but she would never admit it". Alexa Bliss and Charlotte (the current Women's Champions) are sitting on the ringside. Sasha Banks is in position n. ° 1 and the pre-Man Becky Lynch is in position n. ° 2 for a feeling process to begin. Neither of them can take a hold of submission and it is a double clothesline, which allows Sarah Logan to enter # 3 and collect the bones.

First he chases Becky, but stops to point to the sign, which means that Becky is staying inside. A header drops Banks, so everyone stays up until Mandy Rose is at # 4. Close eliminations abound as Stephanie plunges into the "person who has an unnatural conversation" mode with Corey, making her quite annoying in her own right. Lita is in # 5 (in a #timesup shirt) to really shoot fans for the first time in a while.

Sasha and Becky stare at her and we get the slugout, which is pretty good considering the great inspiration she and Trish Stratus had in the current generation. Stephanie talks about how she and Lita were close over the years … and actually mentions CHYNA, which I didn't think was allowed. Well, I guess it's great if you're Stephanie. Mandy is sent to the apron and hits a knee to Lita, who removes it without much effort. Kairi Sane is ranked # 6 and is a double spear for Lynch and Banks.

The crazy elbow hits Banks and there is one for Becky since Tamina (all blank for some reason) is in # 7 position. Lita leaves her with a DDT because Tamina is not very good, setting up Twists of Fate for Lynch and Banks . There is a moon jump for both of them and Lita throws Tamina. Becky gets rid of Lita a few seconds later and is Dana Brooke at # 8. She goes straight to Sane in the corner … and, in fact, removes her with great discomfort. Torrie Wilson está en el puesto # 9 y ahora tenemos que fingir que ella era algo más que un dulce para los ojos porque luchó hace quince años.

Logan la derriba cuando comienza un canto de TORRIE WILSON. Un telón de fondo y una patada en la rodilla eliminan a Dana y es Sonya Deville en el puesto # 10. Eso significa una patada en las costillas para deshacerse de Torrie (sí, ella se veía genial, y eso es sobre el alcance de su valor aquí). Liv Morgan está en el puesto # 11 y escuchamos cuánto idolatraba a Lita. Eso probablemente se aplica a casi todos en el partido, lo cual es bastante bueno dado que Lita estuvo en el partido.

Las cosas se calman nuevamente y Molly Holly está en el puesto # 12 ante una reacción bastante grande. Ella deja a Logan con facilidad y ahí está Molly Go Round to Banks. Ambos caen al suelo (no afuera) y es Lana en el puesto # 13. Estas personas están yendo y viniendo en este punto con muy poco más que nostalgia que mantiene las cosas juntas. Lana derriba a Liv con una lanza bastante impresionante y es Michelle McCool en el puesto # 14.

Los fanáticos inmediatamente cantan por The Undertaker cuando Michelle deja a Sonya. Morgan también está fuera y Michelle se deshace de Molly con facilidad. Lana vuelve a levantarse y es abandonada también. Becky y Sasha hacen doble equipo con Michelle en vano, ya que Ruby Riott está en el puesto # 15. Nadie puede llegar a ningún lado y es Vickie Guerrero (el lugar de comedia obvio) en el puesto # 16. Un montón de EXCUSE ME le gana una eliminación y es Carmella en el puesto # 17, pero Vickie la golpea con el maletín de Money in the Bank para dejarla tirada en el suelo.

Natalya está en el puesto 18 (Stephanie: "Aquí viene". ¿Natalya recibe "aquí viene"?) Pero Carmella la acuesta en el suelo antes de que sea hora de comenzar a pavonearse. Sin embargo, el Bexploder la baja y todos están en la estera para tomar un respiro. Kelly Kelly está en el puesto # 19 y opta por algunas patadas en la esquina cuando Natalya elimina a Michelle.

Es Naomi en el puesto # 20, dándonos a Sasha, Becky, Riott, Carmella, Natalya, Kelly Kelly y Naomi. Un montón de casas limpias de Rear Views y una patada en la cabeza deja caer a Banks. Sasha es enviada afuera (no afuera, otra vez) pero Becky no tiene la misma suerte que Riott se deshace de ella. Jacqueline está en el puesto 21 y persigue a Kelly ya que muy poco está sucediendo en este momento. Nia Jax está en el puesto # 22 y se deshace de Kelly y Jacqueline sin mucho esfuerzo. Riott también es arrojado, por lo que Naomi dispara patadas. Jax la arroja a la gran pila, pero Naomi aterriza en la barricada.

Mientras trata de resolverlo, la herida Ember Moon está en el puesto # 23 y se aleja con un brazo. Naomi camina por la barricada y llega al área del cronometrador donde roba la silla de Menunos para gatear hacia los escalones en busca de la improbable salvación. Back in….and Nia dumps her with ease. With everyone else on the floor, Beth Phoenix is in at # 24 and it’s time for a showdown.

Beth avoids a charge in the corner but can’t get her up in the fireman’s carry. Another attempt works to a big reaction as Natalya gets back in. They can’t get rid of Nia as they knock her to the floor (enough already) instead. Natalya quickly turns on Beth and throws her out as Carmella comes back in. Having this many women on the floor is ridiculous as you can’t remember who is still in.

Asuka is in at #25 to strike away, setting up the big reunion fight with Ember. Moon is fine enough for a one armed Eclipse but Asuka throws her out a few seconds later. So much for that. Mickie James is in at #26 and grabs a neckbreaker on Natalya. A bunch of near eliminations go nowhere and it’s Nikki Bella in at lucky #27, to a strong pop because we live in a random and chaotic universe. There’s a springboard kick to the face to put Banks down and it’s a spear to Natalya. Nikki throws Carmella out but everyone jumps onto the superwoman known as Nikki until Brie Bella comes out of retirement to come in at #28.

That means it’s time for the YES chants and some horrible running knees. The Bellas get their big moment (because they haven’t had one in a few minutes) and Nia is knocked to the floor (say it with me: without being eliminated). Bayley is in at #29 and gets to clean house until Asuka kicks her in the head. Trish Stratus is in at #30, which is quite the moment, though it was always going to be her or Rousey. That gives us a final grouping of Banks, Natalya, Jax, Asuka, James, Nikki, Brie, Bayley and Trish.

After tackling Natalya, we get the Trish vs. Bellas showdown which I think only WWE believes matters. A double Stratusfaction drops the Bellas and it’s time for a real showdown with Trish vs. Mickie. The Stratusphere is blocked so Trish kicks her in the head for the elimination. Nia gets back in so the big beatdown is on with a couple of kicks sending her to the ropes. Everyone gets together for the elimination in a good moment. Sasha dumps Bayley in a bit of a stab in the back and it’s Natalya grabbing a Sharpshooter on Trish.

That’s broken up because it’s a worthless move here, allowing Trish to kick Natalya out to get us to five. Banks goes after Trish, who kicks her in the ribs and does Sasha’s dance (that works). That’s fine with Banks, who kicks Trish out but turns into Asuka. They decide to go for the Bellas but it winds up being all three going after Asuka in a smart move. Banks says she’s ready for Asuka and loads up the double knees in the corner, only to have the Bellas turn on her.

That leaves Asuka and the Bellas (plus probably fourteen women on the floor as you never can tell) with the former firing off kicks to both of them. Brie gets sent to the apron but Nikki cuts Asuka off with the Rack Attack 2.0. A forearm knocks Brie out though as the sisters fight again. Asuka hits the missile dropkick on Nikki but she’s right back with a kick to the face. They both wind up on the apron with Asuka kicking the leg out (barely) for the win at 58:57.

Clasificación: B-. I remember being confused about what to think of this one last year and that’s the case again here. The legends needed to be there to flesh out the match and while there were some other options (NXT), I can go with this for the sake of history. This was designed to be more of a history of women’s wrestling over the years and there’s nothing wrong with that. They did a great job of making me want to see who was next as it was a nice mixture of all those generations. Having the nice mixture worked well and the right person won, so it’s hard to complain all that much. Stephanie was fine, though rather unnecessary.

Post match Charlotte and Alexa get in the ring to hold up the titles….and here’s Ronda Rousey to a huge reaction because she’s a star that was rumored to be in Columbia for this show. We get the most awkward sign pointing of all time (there’s an art to it) but Asuka won’t shake her hand. A bunch of staring and then high fiving fans, plus a handshake with Stephanie ends the show.

Overall Rating: C+. It wasn’t a very good show, but the two namesake matches delivered well enough and only the Universal Title match was really bad. The big story here was Ronda of course and that delivered (awkward pointing aside) so it’s hard to really call this anything but pretty good. The wrestling wasn’t great overall and, again, the show was way too long but the important stuff worked well and that’s how you get a nice show.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for more than thirty years and has watched more than 50,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling critic since 2009 with more than 5,000 full shows covered. You can find his job at kbwrestlingreviews.comor check out his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books. His latest book is KB & # 39; s Complete 2004 Monday Night Raw Reviews.

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