HEROES OF THE GRID The last Kickstarter is already live – Newsdio


Forest ranger fans, finally here! The kickstarter for the next batch of expansions for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid it is now officially live. Through Kickstarter, you can get the new Machine Empire villains ($ 40), Rise of the Psycho Rangers expansion with plenty to add to the game ($ 60), both plus a card storage box ($ 100), or literally everything released to date for the game, including previous Kickstarter exclusives ($ 625).

There are still some details that are being released throughout the campaign, but we will do our best to reach some of the most important ones. The Machine Empire villains are introducing a new concept for Heroes of the Grid of paired monsters. It seems that some games will feature the deployment of Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina. That sounds like it will make things difficult. Also, I was surprised that Louie Kaboom was a boss and that the prince and princess were just monsters. Am I remembering something wrong?


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