History of Land Cruiser and the Middle East

The legendary Land Cruiser and UAE have grown alongside each other. With the passage of time, the robust SUV has earned the national symbol status of the Middle East. Presently, the Land Cruiser sums up 53% of the vehicle segment. It is sold in a huge number to the Emiratis each month. This SUV is also available in the pre owned cars in UAE. We have explained the dynamic and colorful history of the vehicle in this article. 

Heritage of Land Cruiser

When it comes to the automotive identity of UAE, Land Cruiser holds a strong presence. This appealing history traces back to the Al Badia Golf Club at Dubai Festival City. It was near this luxurious clubhouse that the first ever shipment of 20-series landed in 1955. 

Soon after, the 40-series model started to be manufactured in 1960. It has now been 60 years since it was first introduced and it is more capable than ever. Land Cruiser was a pioneer in the SUV segment and it has consistently established its success. 

Beginning and Evolution of Land Cruiser

This all-terrain vehicle is holds a special place for car collectors and off-road enthusiasts. The following models were the most influential not only globally but in UAE as well. 

First Generation model (BJ) 

The first model of Land Cruiser was revealed in 1951 and it was named as BJ. It was inspired by the pioneers of SUV, Land Rover and Jeep Wrangler. The reason for the manufacturing of this vehicle was that Japan needed an all-terrain car. Due to this need by the Japanese public, the first ever generation of Land Cruiser was revealed to the automotive world. 

This was so capable and powerful that even the Japanese government praised it’s creation. Soon afterwards, the government directed this vehicle to be utilized by the emergency teams of different authorities. The BJ first generation model boasted a rugged exterior, superior performance and excellent versatility. This vehicle was the base for the future possible models to follow. 

Signature model (FJ40)

The creation of the iconic FJ40 was revealed in 1960. It was upgraded to be equipped with the latest technology and innovation. Toyota wanted it’s lineup to be at par with the standards of the time. These added features made the Land Cruiser futuristic and ahead of its time.

The FJ40 was also available in a variety of body types. A few models also had modernized functions such as power steering. Due to these reasons, this model became an instant hit and immediately became a favorite of many automotive geeks. It was efficient for both the emergency teams and off-road racers. Even to this day, this model holds great prestige and a string following. 

A variant model (FJ55)

In 1967, a variant of another Land Cruiser model, FJ55 was introduced. It was given the status of “station wagon” by Toyota. This vehicle was perfect for cross-country traveling. It boasted huge legroom and headroom for the front and back passengers. A big amount of equipment and luggage could also be stored. 

The FJ55 was a more luxurious car as compared to the other models. It also came with innovative comfort features that are found in a modern day SUV. However, even with all these changes and additions, the Land Cruiser did not lose any of the rugged all-terrain drive quality which was the prime special essence of the car. This model was so unique that it served as a blueprint for the future Land Cruiser cars. Even to this day, the FJ55 model enjoys high popularity. 

The new concept of Toyota

When the reign of FJ40 and FJ55 was experienced, Toyota decided to add more versatility and features so that it makes a permanent mark in the automotive industry. However, it never lost the core values and essence of Land Cruiser which made it popular in the first place. The Japanese manufacturer wanted to add such updates that would attract the global market. First off, the dimensions were increased. Soon afterwards, performance, comfort and luxury features were prioritized to make them unrivaled. 

It is clear now why this iconic SUV is on par with the UAE falcons and camels. The cultural heritage of the Middle East is heavily embedded with this vehicle and rightfully so. If you’re interested to know “how can I sell my car in Dubai“, go to CarSwitch website right now! 

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