Holly Willoughby fearing about robot that could ‘take over the house and kill us’

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were not very sure about the new Bot handy from the Samsung this morning in a hilarious segment. This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby who were pretty much amused since they had discussed about a new robot technology in the show. 

Everyone seems to be excited after they have heard about the technology which is soon going to be up, and now everyone is expecting something amusing to be revealed after they have learnt about it from the show. The pair had further revealed that the Samsung’s new robotic assistant, the new Bot Handy is up on Tuesday morning. This technology is specifically designed to ease the load of house work and also, it is capable of doing everything from cleaning to that of loading the dishwasher and also pouring a glass of wine. In a nutshell, the main job of this bot is to make your life simpler.

Robot is an epic, and it is going to ease your living

A clip has showed this device, and picking up the laundry, and Holly seems to be shouting hilariously, “It picks up your pants, Phil!” The robot heard of a bit ‘epic’ in a few parts and then Holly could not help the fear to get everything wrong if you will allow the bot into your life. 

Phil had further joked about it trying to steal the home. However, Holly appeared to be more worried killing all of us. They further discussed about the few errands that it could probably achieve. Phil had even confessed that he has been really particular about loading the dishwasher that he would certainly re-do it by himself. 

Further, they started laughing where they questioned about all that the bot will be able to do. Holly even wanted it to tuck her in as she went to the bed. Phil had even asked if it could brush their teeth for them.  

Holly Willoughby sharing her fears about the New Bot

Holly even shared her fears wherein she added, “I mean this is all going to go terribly wrong.” On top of that, she added, “One day we are going to come down, and it’s going to take over your house and kill us, isn’t it.” Phil had even added to it on an amusing note, “It’s gonna lock us out! One day it will lock us out, and we’ll find out if is just sitting in his pants watching the telly.”

Holly addedtl it while she had been chuckling away that it would be saying exterminate as it did this! Phil went on with it by saying, “It will electrify the door, no one can get in…no.” Last but not the least, Holly concluded her opinion by saying that the end has come, and the game is now over. She said so while predicting that the bot is going to come at a huge financial price.

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