‘Houseki no Kuni’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

 ‘Houseki no Kuni’ Season 2 : One of the anime series which has really engulfed the hearts and minds of individuals and create a sensation of  sorts with its awesome CGI visuals as well as enticing story is none other than Land of the Lustrous or Houseki no Kuni. The series played a pivotal role towards giving a new angle to how well the CGI animation could be done as it is considered to be the best one, the decade has produced so far. 

Even though the beginning of the first season started really well, but the story line couldn’t be carried well till the end as there was an abrupt end to the same. Hence, fans were eagerly waiting for the second to answer few of the questions which they weren’t been able to get right with the ambiguous end.

What is Land of the Lustrous?

Houseki no Kuni or Land of Lustrous is a manga series which Haruka Ichikawa has written and published in 2012 and till date it has also been continuing with the same. 

The story at once creates an instant connection with the audience where fans can relate to the characters been depicted in the series. The audience finds their total involvement with the series and they eagerly wait with bated breath about the next course of action which is going to happen. 

The story begins with the destruction caused by meteorites thus total life has been changed for worse. Thereby, it creates the beginning of a new race. Since, many of them were strong, the weakest one being Phosphophyllite who was cast out by their peers. 

However, her firm determination managed to enter battlefield with a win as well as they were honed and acknowledged by her peers. However, she is in dire need of compiling an encyclopedia considering the fragility of her nature. Although, she was initially hesitant at first, yet she moves further where she encounters Cinnabar. 

Cinnabar is tasked of taking care of the lonely island at night. Their similar thought process brought them together to find an appropriate job for themselves. As Phos upon realizing that Cinnabar is also the one who like her, doesn’t like the job, then they came together with the same mission of finding a more suitable job.

There is another phase depicted in the series which is that of the “jewel folk” who are countering a battle against Lunarians as the latter are deceiving and trying to take advantage of jewels’ luxury momentum and creation. 

How far that the story of Manga moved forward?

There have been eleven volumes right after the manga’s publication in 2012. The number of copies which got into selling spree has been 56,765 till 31st August, 2014. 

What extent of Manga has the Anime covered?

There has been 2D/3D animation of the anime series consists of 31 chapters of manga series right between October and December 2017. The number of episodes has been 12 in total. Considering the number of chapters which roughly run up to 85, it can be emphatically said that there is going to be sufficient material for the second season. Quite like Studio Orange which has produced the same, the same production house has the credit of producing other renowned anime series like that of Black Bullet and of late Beastars. 

When the second season is going to take place?

There is no dearth of content but in spite of the same, there hasn’t been follow up from Studio Orange. It is something which many may not be able to digest, especially, as the performance of the first season was way too high considering the extent of sales which literally doubled after the debut back in 2017.

Also, based on how well the popularity and rating has been, it is going on great guns. So, overall Studio Orange won’t miss the chance of not renewing it. But, considering the efforts and whole lot of things which are done behind the curtains including the artistic work involving 2D or 3D animation, sound and voices one should only expect somewhere in 2021. 

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