How Can I Buy LIC Policy Online? And How To Pay LIC Online Payment?

Buy LIC Policy Online

Insurance is a very important aspect of our lives. We have several insurance measures and companies. The LIC has been outstanding since long with its dedicated service to its clients. The technology boost has helped us to go online for many aspects of our lives. Now you can buy your LIC policy online without dealing with any LIC agent. You can also pay your monthly or other specified premiums online by following the guidelines provided on the website of the LIC India. If you have been doing a lot of purchases online and if you are familiar with internet shopping, you can also easily buy your LIC policy online. You will get all the necessary information below to find out how you can buy your LIC policy and how to pay your LIC premiums online.

Steps To Select And Buy The LIC Policy Online

The below-given information is available for you online to follow and enable you to buy the LIC policy online.

  • Visit LIC Direct and click on buy online
  • Select New customer, I am an Indian Citizen and Residing in India and click on confirm.
  • Now calculate your premium by entering your desired sum assured, the term of years and date of birth.
  • See the amount of yearly premium and if you want to proceed, click on proceed and If you want to recalculate your premium, click on recalculate.
  • Give your contact details
  • After entering your contact details LIC will provide you a 9 digit access id on your mobile and email id which too is entered to proceed.
  • Enter your details
  • Enter your correspondence
  • Enter your identity
  • Enter your employment details
  • Enter your lifestyle details
  • Enter your nominee details
  • Enter previous insurance details
  • Enter your medical history
  • Enter your bank details
  • Declare yourself
  • In this step, you can edit a proposal or buy a premium clicking on pay.

 This completes the procedure online for the LIC policy. Now you can buy the LIC policy online with ease and comfort sitting at home. All you need to do is to log in to LIC official website and fill the necessary details of your selected policy, features, personal details and other specified information.

 How To Pay LIC Premium Online?

 Now you can pay your LIC premiums online if you face problems visiting the local LIC office. You need to visit the LIC insurance website – and click on ‘Pay Premium Online’ from the portal of the ‘Online Services portal’. You will be given two options a) Pay Direct without LIC Customer Login and second is b) Through the customer portal. This is an option for the people who do not wish to register with the portal. LIC Online Payment has become easy now because of the online provisions made by the LIC to its clients. The LIC Premium Payment Online PayTm can also be used for this purpose.

How To Check LIC Policy Status Without Registration

Now you can check the status of your LIC policy online. You need to log into the official website of the LIC. You can do this through SMS also without registering on the website of the LIC. The official website provides you with different codes such as – PREM, for Premium to check the premium. REV, for the revival, if your policy already lapses. You can check the revival amount payable to you. BONUS – this code is to find out the amount of the bonus accumulated as of today. You can find out the status of your LIC policy online using the appropriate code.

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