How can you turn your smartphone into a Thermometer?

turn your smartphone into a Thermometer

There has been a huge fear going around among the people across the whole of India, particularly after dengue and Chikungunya like fever. It seems to have a major impact in the country and several cases of viral fever relapse have been widely spread as well. What do you think about your smartphone helping you to take precautionary measures to fight the viral fever? Besides, in this situation of the pandemic going on, it has now become a major threat to everyone and we seem to be fearful of our health all the time. In such a scenario, having a thermometer right on our handset will be no less than a blessing!

Smartphone turned into a Thermometer

Several medical practitioners have claimed regarding the widespread viral fever by saying that it has mostly affected the elderly group and the children. Whatsoever, our smartphones can play a vital role in controlling these microorganisms and save our lives. The best way through which these devices can assist us to let us know about our degrading health without any delay.

How can you turn your smartphone into a thermometer?

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Smartphones are really getting smarter day by day. Having the right application right on your Android smartphone can actually save you from being heavily affected by the widespread viral fever. It would also help you to make it function as a thermometer.


  • Smart Thermometer


The basic functionality of this application is that it uses the temperature sensors of a smartphone in order to show the temperature displayed right on the phone. Smart Thermometer app also comes with an upgrade package that adds charts along with historical data of the smartphone. Thus, you get to learn the phone’s readings and better widgets quite easily without any hassle. It is a full HD designed app that works the best in devices having a good GPS and an internet connection.


  • Thermometer Free


The upside of using this app is having an ambient sensor. You can get it installed on a smartphone without having to bother about carrying a thermometer along with you wherever you go, while you may otherwise have to allow leaving the device for about one hour in stand-by mode in order to fetch proper data. By default, the data read by the application is presented before you in the Celsius scale. However, you might require to make some changes in the settings option as well as may have to change it into Fahrenheit as well.


  • Fingerprint Thermometer
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Fingerprint Thermometer is a smart phone android app that is capable of measuring the most accurate temperature rate monitor app for any smartphone. By using the app, you can optimize your health and track your fever quite easily. You can also get an accurate reading just by holding the index finger on the fingerprint scanner steadily. Keep on holding it until the whole measuring process is conducted. Make sure that you breathe normally while the reading is being taken. In case you are not using the app accurately, you might produce a false reading.


  • iTriage Health


iTriage Health provides the user with quick access. It allows you to use both healthcare and medical databases within your smartphone. With the help of this app, the user can search health-related symptoms. It also allows you to get an insight into potential causes, as well as, also help them to fetch the best treatment, health facility or doctor. Besidee, iTriage allows the user to check for doctors, as well as, help him or her to fix appointments, and get clear, concise, and useful healthcare information so as to lead a disease free life.


  • Modern thermometer
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Modern thermometer is another amazing app that serves the same purpose. It is easily available in the play store, and thus, you may choose to install it right from there. It is a professional tool that is meant for measuring the actual temperature. This app has built-in sensors and it also allows you to display the accurate temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale as well, based on your preference or requirement.

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