How did mass vaccinations halted a killer virus in the 1950s Glasgow

The year 2021 represents the beginning of a mass vaccination campaign right on the fourth day of the year. This day is all about halting the Covid 19 but we got to see it an inoculation programme in the middle of the last century wherein it became the weapon against another deadly virus. The long line of the people out of the health centre are going to wait with all their patience for their turn to come for the vaccination. Special clinics are going through 600 jabs in an hour. However, the queues are not getting shorter by any chance. The public health officials were desperate to trace anyone who has been in close contact with the deadly virus. It is quite similar to the picture that the Glasgow has shared in a smallpox outbreak that occurred back in the year 1950. 

The story behind the suspected chickenpox

Scotland began the mass rollout of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine that the nation had previously experienced for preventing the infection that spread due to deadly viruses. The smallpox had eradicated due to a characteristic rash that was indeed a matter of rush throughout the globe with an estimation that more than 300 million people died from the disease back during the 20th century only. This serious out break that happened in the March 1950 was rare when the Indian sailor Mussa Ali had arrived in Glasgow. It was also found that Mr Ali had suffered due to smallpox and it was certainly a source of an outbreak that happened to infect 19 people and had even killed 6 people. The list of the dead people even included a doctor, and visiting was banned at around 200 hospitals across the nation and then they tracked down 1971 contacts of all who have caught the disease. The contacts who have been taken to the local hospitals for checks while their homes were disinfected. 

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The prime focus lies on the vaccination and a total of 7 emergency clinics were established across Glasgow. The centers were up for 12 hours a day and they were busy injecting 600 people per hour. An estimated number of 250,000 people were immunised in Glasgow in the first 12 days and a total of 3 lakh people had the vaccine by the time the outbreak was over. The vaccinators begin administering the first of the 44 thousand Oxford Coronavirus jabs that were sent to that of Scotland. Approximately 1 lakh people have received the dose of the first approved vaccine from Pfizer so far. We are expecting the queues of people outside the health centers during the smallpox inoculations. This same thing is to be repeated in the programme all over again and the Oxford drug is indeed the key to the quick and easy mass for vaccination. The queues of people out of the health centres during this small pox inoculations will give appointments to the jab.

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