How do I permanently delete my Facebook account on mobile?

It is true that the social media site namely Facebook has come with a bang. It has helped users get connected with near and dear ones. Talking specifically about the site, it has become a sort of entertainment where one can equally connect with others. However, when passion becomes obsession and start taking toll in the lives of people then do look for ways to curtail it. Also, in view of the security and privacy issues, if you are looking for ways to delete the account, then there is a step-by-step guide to Delete Facebook Account with the help of Android device

It is important to create a download copy of your data for keeping intact an offline record of the FB information. So, it is preferred to undergo the same method, since once the account gets deleted you won’t be able to get it back.  Always, follow the tip, and don’t show any hurry. 

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Let’s now take a look at the steps:-

  • Open the Fb App
  • You can see three lines on the right side of navigation bar at the top
  • Scroll all the way . You will see an option of ‘Settings and Privacy’
  • Tap ‘Settings’ from expanded menu
  • Scroll down and tap Download your Information
  • The required information is saved by default, you need to deselect the info. which you don’t want to be saved
  • Tap the ‘Create File’ button at the page’s bottom
  • Scroll down where you can see ‘Your Facebook information’ section then tap ‘Account ownership and control’ 
  • Tap ‘Deactivation and deletion’
  • Make your choice with regards to ‘Delete Account’ and tap on ‘Continue to account deletion’
  • Now, this is the time for you to scroll down and tap ‘Delete Account’
  • Enter your password, tap ‘Continue’ and then tap ‘Delete Account.
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What do my friends see when I delete my Facebook account?

  • In the event when you have deleted your profile, then it is not visible to anyone
  • Although, there are exceptions where some information in terms of the messages which you have sent to friends may well be visible
  • On the same lines, since your name is already there in the list of your friends, so they can see your name 
  • While talking about the Group admins, they would be able to see the comments you have made or posts you have created etc.  Similar to the information which is shared, you can equally empower yourself to host of updated and relevant information which can be achieved through sites namely shotbytes. Yes it is able to give you periodical updates of technology with professionalism and perfection. 
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What happens when I delete my Facebook account?

In the event when you delete the Facebook account, all the information in terms of posts or photos which you have done will be permanently deleted with no chance to be recovered. However, on other hand, if you deactivate the account, then the complete information can be re-gained if you re-activate the same. 

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