How Do These Roses Last So Long?

These Roses Last So Long

Have you heard of the latest rose craze?

Say hello to roses in a box and the best gift idea you can get someone you really love.

Flowers are always a nice and thoughtful gesture, but roses in a box take that gesture to a whole new level! That is because in most circumstances, roses will only have a short lifespan of a few days before they start to wilt. But with roses in a box, they can actually last up to an entire year according to numerous Venus Et Fleur reviews!

Talk about the ultimate sentiment—flowers that can last a lifetime and represent an eternal sort of love! And equally, flowers that require very little maintenance and upkeep.

But how can roses go from lasting for a few days to nearly a dozen months? Surely there has got to be some secret, right?

Well, we are here to tell you everything there is to know around why roses in a box-like those from Venus Et Fleur last so long and why they are worth the splurge!

1. These roses are premium

And when we say premium, we mean it! The roses that come in these boxes are the best there ever were in terms of quality in their color, height, scent, and aroma. They stand tall all day long, all the time, in their beautiful vase-shaped boxes. And when you give premium roses, you are bound to get premium results in regards to longevity. In fact, these roses are mainly Ecuadorian roses—meaning they are grown in the best soil and the best environment possible for this particular flower.

2. The selections are endless

Yes, there are over twenty different types of roses to choose from that can be arranged in a box. And yes, they are all 100% real roses! The color range is quite impressive, with everything from traditional ruby red to gold and metallic. That means that there really is the perfect box of roses out there for each person and can be color-coded to your relationship with them and their own unique personality that you love so much. They also come in a range of sizes. That means that you can go for small and impactful or to a large and prominent gesture.

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3. They are cut at the right time

These roses for the box are cut at the absolute peak of their lifecycle and then basically frozen in time. This is achieved through florists injecting the roses with a wax-like solution that will help the rose retain its shape for a very long time! There is a lot of preparation put into preparing these types of roses and their longevity is a result of a lot of meticulous work ahead of time.

4. Their growth is stunted

Because these roses are basically frozen at their peak, the stems are not desperate for growth nor is there the ability to. That is how the petals are able to remain in place and every flower remains at the same height without ever needing to trim the stems or re-hydrate them. The work is done before the roses go into the box, making the arrangement look consistently beautiful from start to finish.

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5. No water required

We’ve alluded to this already, but it is an important factor to re-state. There is literally no water required towards the upkeep of these boxed roses. Yup, because of how the flowers are grown and treated ahead of time, the roses are proven to make it through an entire calendar year without losing any of their shape, scent or look. That is also why these roses are able to be packaged in a box and not a vase, keeping the upkeep to an absolute minimum.

There is a reason that these roses in a box are literally going viral on social media. Not only do they look insanely gorgeous in photos, but are becoming a serious game-changer in the floral industry. One of the saddest parts about receiving flowers is the fact that despite the care you show, they will die within a few weeks. But these boxed roses are dubbed the eternity flowers and are designed to ensure you get to maximize the enjoyment of them. 

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