How do you find an entertainment talent agency in Los Angeles?

As soon as newbie actors enter Los Angeles they start searching for the entertainment talent agency. They wish that a good talent agency sign them quickly.

If you too are one of those inexperienced actors and searching for a talent agency, we have some important tips for you to know how to find an entertainment talent agency in Los Angeles.

Enlist agencies matching your specialization

Different agencies in Los Angeles have different fields of specialization. Some offer television work, some others provide modeling assignments and some others have specialization in the music industry. Select those agencies that offer work related to your area of specialization.

Visit their websites

Do thorough research about the agency. Learn about their history and present work. Check for their office locations in different parts of the country. Who are their past clients and what have they achieved in their respective careers.

Check for Affiliations

Check if they are SAG-AFTRA franchised agencies. Also, check for their affiliations with other trade organizations. Many of the organizations like ATA and NATR issue licenses to the agencies. The agencies which are members of these organizations follow the regulations of the state agencies in Los Angeles.

Select the specific agent

After you have shortlisted a few agencies, you can retrieve information on the specific agents who are the assigned agents for your area of specialization. Study their profiles to know their credentials, past achievements, and present portfolio. Check their online activities- as blogger, you-tuber, and also how much they are recognized in the entertainment world within Los Angeles and also across the country. This information would be helpful for you while preparing your submission letter. 

Submit as per the policy

Update your snap and resume. Ensure that they are professionally created. Fulfill the submission formalities by following the submission policy of the respective agencies. You can mail the hard copy or submit it online as per the instructions provided by the specific agency. Invite the agents who accept the invitation, to your upcoming stage performance.

Request meeting with the agent

Request the meeting with the agents by writing to them in their preferred mode of communication. Mention the reasons for your preference for their agencies and also your own strengths that make you highly suitable for them.

Show your eagerness to work in a dignified manner. Offer them free tickets for your upcoming performance, if they accept such offers. Finally, thank them for giving you the opportunity of meeting with them. Politely give your resume and the snap.

Final Words

So, if you are new to Los Angeles and have the aspiration to grow in the line of entertainment, you can follow these simple tips to find an entertainment agency in the state. 

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