How Has Telemetry Impacted The Industrial M2M Processes?

Industrial M2M (machine to machine) solutions are used in different industrial applications in different ways and do not have obvious use cases like conventional M2M systems. These solutions also have a different timeframe. While utilities and fleet management are mature markets, other industrial uses are only beginning to surface at this moment. 

Factors Inhibiting Growth Of Industrial M2M Solutions

The chief improvement aspect for industrial M2M systems in fulfilling their complete potential is technology. Big players are adopting technologies that connect industrial equipment, which is lowering the cost of communication systems, and this is driving the market’s general growth. 

Heterogeneity is the main difference between industrial M2M tools and others. Industrial M2M has multiple uses and is targeted towards niche markets. This vertical industry typically presents enabled solutions that centrally manage M2M devices. 

The platform collects information and shows it in a centralized manner in one dashboard, which means no investment requirements for expensive commercial products. In this way, M2M enables enterprises to fully control their industrial operations and access their information in a collected and simple manner. 

The most common uses of industrial M2M systems are vending and asset management (for both e-payment and telemetry), retail/industrial refrigerators (such as the appliances in breweries, and tank telemetry (chemical tanks, agri-food, or fuel, to name just a few). 

In industrial M2M operations, good examples of telemetry are refrigerators. They can be used to manage cold chains. There are many tested and proven cases of deploying a managed cold spot: you can ensure the timely and correct execution of delivery processes and prevent theft by properly locating these costly assets. 

Telemetry State of Affairs

As component prices decrease, the market has started offering tools that connect via enhanced LBE, LPWA networks, or conventional connection networks, permitting more efficient utilization. The main importance of technologies like LPWA is they speed up the adoption and development rate of industrial M2M systems that use these technologies to offer improved or new services.  

The telecommunications industry knows the criticality of industrial platforms with a long tail method. Industrial M2M systems (connected vending, tank telemetry, and others) do not individually have the same turnover or volume of established M2M vertical companies. But the long tail made of all the industrial M2M tools can be compared globally to the importance of conventional M2M vertical enterprises, and therefore they make up a pertinent percentage of the volume of business. 

The Future of Telemetry

Big industrial players that are yet to create a strong base in the M2M sector are changing their approach and tactics as they realize that they cannot afford to stay out of the M2M industries. These organizations are modifying their manufacturing processes to make M2M-ready devices and appliances. Large industrial players who currently do not have a robust M2M business position are adopting the needed measures to play a more dominant role in the sector. 

The Future of Tracking

Delivery tracking sensors are a standard use case that indicates how industrial M2M systems can change the market. These devices were previously used only in the cold chain or in high-value products, but today they are also being utilized by conventional courier delivery companies. Low-cost, expendable tracking tools inside packages enable courier firms to track their deliveries end to end

The technology thus facilitates the monetization of these new services and has also revived sluggish markets such as postal services, which were facing a downturn in their business model. Industrial M2M products are today empowering organizations to provide new, improved services and gain a competitive edge by offering value instead of just focusing on decreasing their operational costs. 

An Useful Suggestion

We urge you to contact a licensed professional or a reliable vendor with a good track record to obtain guidance on the best electrical and industrial solutions for your needs. They can recommend suitable products based on your specific requirements and budget availability. Besides approaching leading vendors or professionals, ensure that you only invest in the best M2M solutions!

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