How I became a converted gaming laptop


Laptops for games do not always have the best reputation among PC enthusiasts, which is reasonable.

You will pay more money for less energy on a gaming laptop, and gross performance is often compromised due to the challenge of balancing a small form factor with the heat output of high-end graphics cards. Many gaming laptops seem like Neo threw up an extra extra of the Michael Bay Transformers movies. Size can also be a problem, making many feel like huge pieces of plastic, full of fans screaming desperate to prevent everything from overheating. And they are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to update.

I get it. There are compensations, and the disadvantages can be substantial.

But I’m not sure if I will ever go back to a tower, even if that means saving a little more money for my next update. Having a portable and capable PC has spoiled me in many ways more than I expected.

The power of portability

PC games are often a lonely search, even if you play with others online. My friends and I have one or two annual LAN parties, of course, but it can be a pain to break everything, pack it safely, reconfigure it somewhere else and then repeat the whole process in reverse later. late or the next day. This is especially true if you are interested in wiring in your game space.

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But being in the same physical space with others is much better, no matter how much I love playing online in general. There have been many nights in 2019 when I disconnected the laptop, put it in my backpack with a USB mouse and headphones, and drove me to a friend’s house to try a new game or play an old favorite after ordering something of food and chatting, face to face, between games.

I always knew that this was one of the advantages of having a gaming laptop, but it was academic. Before having the option, I had no idea how much more social and rewarding it could be to play with PC when the friction of playing with others, playing physically near others, it was almost completely eliminated.

However, calling gaming laptops “portable” may be stretching the term a bit, especially with some of the huge plastic monstrosities that exist. But even semi portability opens some useful doors, especially in a house with many children. Being able to play exclusive for PC in bed, with a USB controller and headphones, feels luxurious. Like playing a game in the living room on the laptop while children dominate the television.

These are not new thoughts; It’s not that gaming laptops are a new idea. However, there have been some companies that have been able to create laptops for games that are close to the appearance of a standard and non-shameful “work” laptop, while providing enough power to comfortably run most games in games. last years. Now there are more options that are thinner and lighter, without the striking colors and plastic constructions that used to be so common. Even better, this does not always mean a reduction in power or a large increase in price.

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VR-ready laptops, although often expensive, also add the benefit of semi portability to an experience that you may not want to lock in a single room in your home, especially if you like to take your VR headsets out of the house to show them To your friends and family friends. (Although I still recommend Oculus Quest for true virtual reality portability).

The real reason for writing this was only to share some praise for the things that laptops do well for games, due to the frequency with which my enthusiasm for them meets the skepticism of some and the absolute hostility of others. There are many disadvantages in gaming laptops, and I don’t want to minimize those problems.

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But there are at least Some It is worth taking the time to point out the things you can do well and how much more comfortable and social PC games can do. Having the opportunity to use one completely in 2019 changed my way of thinking about PC games in general, and I am happy to add my voice to the very small, and often ignored, choir that sings its praises.

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