How much do dog trainers cost in California?

It’s very important to train your dog for the betterment of the life of both owner and pet. Dogs are usually friendly and behave well, but they do need strict training to be both helpful to you, and teaching them a few games can be a good way to enjoy time with your loyal dog.

Well, to be honest, dog training fees can be unpredictable. It mainly depends on the type of training exercises you want, such as off-leash dog walking, uncontrollable barking, not behaving well with other dogs, and as such. The price can range from 20$ (A simple short session which may clear your doubts) to even 500$ (Complete training with proper guidance and transparency). So, look out only for the things you want help with. If you are low on budget you could always try training your dog yourself. You can find the best way to train your dog according to science HERE.  A shortlist of the best dog trainers has been compiled and listed below.

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360° Dog Walker

360° Dog Walker was founded by Nancy Bernard in 2005. Nancy’s experience is distinct from her competition in that she possesses a robust and diversified dog training background. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, Nancy soon realized that her true calling was to work with our beloved canine companions, helping each and every animal to become “their best self”. 360 Dog Walker is without a doubt the best dog walking company in California. If you would like your dog walked in San Francisco, CA then we would highly recommend visiting their website Here

Shelby Semel Dog Training

Starting with one of the top dog trainers, Bark Busters is located in San Diego. Justin Scher, the trainer, has been in this field for 11 years! He’s a certified dog trainer with numerous dog trainer of the year awards. Justin believes in complete transparency and conducts some small and useful activities at your home which include dog behavior therapy, puppy training, dog obedience training, etc. The first program conducted by him contains teaching your dog to walk on a leash, socializing with other people, commands such as sit and stay, etc. They also provide a lifetime support guarantee!

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Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Coming from Los Angeles, this company believes in – “There are no bad dogs”. Founder Matt Beisner has worked in the field for more than a decade with thousands of dogs and is still serving as a part of the Association for the professional dog trainers. 

They provide private dog training sessions. The first session covers the time of around 2.5 – 3 hours. It costs 400$ but if you own an adopted or rescued dog, then it’s lowered to 30$. You can add more dogs for 50$ each and the next session will cost you around 225$ and 25$ each dog.

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Yuruani Olguin

Another very famous and one of the most loved dog training companies, downtown dogs was founded by Kelly Alves Helsing (CPDT) and Co-Founded by Mark Helsing is also a CPDT. Kelly is also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

They provide group classes for puppies, adolescent dogs, and adult dogs. They also have introduced a four-week-long Fun-tricks program, where you can teach your dog tricks such as rollover, fetch, and much more at the price of 150$! Apart from this, there are workshops which teach loose leash, reliable recall with few other things at the cost of just 30$ each.

Whoever you choose, the most important thing is to find someone who will handle your dogs with care and love with a pinch of strictness if necessary. Also, look out for free programs that intend to educate people regarding dog habits and other useful stuff which may teach you a few new tricks and tips.

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