How to Achieve a Spotless HR Transformation in 2021

The year 2020 was a painful blow to businesses big and small as they suffered unprecedented losses, layoffs, and salary cuts. As a result, the year was written off as a loss incurred, and individuals and companies are now focusing on preparing for a new year, 2021. Creativity and transformation is the way to achieve a spotless HR in the new year, as the Best HR Software in Dubai.

The desire for better days will put pressure on businesses to recover from the pandemic adverse effects. Enhanced expectations will drive entrepreneurs and employees to achieve their status before the pandemic in performance and profitability. 

Organizations may be forced to cut down on labor and rely more on technology because training a workforce is costly and time-consuming. Most job losses in 2020 might be permanent because employing technology to carry out specific tasks human labor may not be necessary. 

HR Software Transformation 

Digital transformation for the HR department is a highly contested topic for many companies. Technology can transform a company but talking and actualizing this move is an entirely different affair. However, let us discuss what the HR software system is and how to enroll it.

  1. Clear goals

HR transformation might sound very easy, but the practical part is daunting if there is no proper planning and defined goals. The goal can be to solve employees’ specific issues or a move to cut down on human labor. A digital makeover needs to focus on employees and the customer in mind. Employees should test any new technology before implementation, and the roll-out should be in phases. 

  1. Get everyone on board.

Everyone in that organization should be aware and ready for the changes in the store. Take time to inform all stakeholders of the move to embrace digital technology, the areas it will cover, and what is expected. This way, there will be no surprises or frustrations when the transformation begins, and everyone will be onboard.

  1. Make it simple

Rolling out software transformation should not be complicated. Simplicity is the best and easy way to get it done. Start small and apply the digital process in small phases, and people will embrace it, and the makeover will be a success. You can organize workshops to enlighten employees on why the transformation is essential and how it will work. 

  1. Roll out with Priority

Put across the roll-out plan in priority depending on impact and effort. Think of the effects of digitalization and the effort and money that will get the new working. You can decide to begin with the less costly plan but has a high impact on the company, then gradually proceed to the HR transformation plan that requires significant input. You will realize that the makeover will happen seamlessly, and business will grow and stabilize.

  1. Assess performance

Incorporating technology in a business is fantastic, but it may be a futile effort to assess the results. Since the roll-out will be gradual, assessing the effects will help you know if it is helpful or not. Also, you will know the changes needed in the future as the transformation phase becomes complicated. The best way to advance is by solving actual problems, and this time, you will be solving them digitally.

  1. Culture a Digital Culture

Digital technology is a beautiful idea to progress, but an entire organization’s transformation will take a culture sweep. It would help if you normalized the digital culture to drive the transformation. A proper mindset in an organization will depend on your company culture. Therefore, if everyone is prepared to accept a digital makeover, then even when the process is challenging, they will still support the process. 

Examples of Digital Transformation

Some job positions are repetitive; thus, it is easy to automate them like the HR department. Some of these tasks in HR are employee onboarding and off boarding, payroll, timesheets, employee training, among others. Here are two examples of digitalization in HR transformation. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

The HR department is responsible for recruiting tasks, and they can be overwhelming. There are seasons of high employment and low employment, and it is up to HR to balance these seasons. It is crucial to know the right employees in low seasons to keep and avoid losing them to their competition. Artificial Intelligence can help streamline such situations because all data is stored in one area, and it will be easy for the organization to make decisions. 

  • Performance management

Employee performance is a task performed by HR manually by collecting reviews and evaluating the results to decide. Automation of these tasks will remove the massive paperwork and cumbersome process, thus boosting productivity, saving time and money. 


Anyone in business has no choice but to incorporate HR digital transformation. Technology is taking over the world fast, and it will be advantageous for organizations that prepare their employees to embrace the digital culture. Put your business on the map of recovering from the effects of Covid-19 to bounce back without much struggle and financial strain. 

An organization can decide to run its HR operations on a cloud-based system like recruiting, leaving applications, taxes, and succession plans. There will be no massive paperwork, as all files will be stored in the cloud. As a result, little time will be spent preparing reports, updating them, and accessing them. 

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