How To Be Good At OSRS Fast As A Beginner

Old School RuneScape or OSRS is a world-famous MMORPG with over two million users, and if you’d want to stand out from other OSRS beginners, then you should follow our OSRS guide here.

The good thing about this game is you’re not forced to start and fend for yourself in the game world right away. You will start at Tutorial Island where you will learn how to play this game and survive when you’re transported to Gielinor, the world in which RuneScape takes place.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t have any idea what to do or expect after leaving Tutorial Island, then you should take note of these things. Don’t worry every RuneScape player started at the bottom just like you are right now, your advantage is you have our OSRS guide here to assist you in your journey.

Expert OSRS Tips For Beginners

Choose Your Path

Old School RuneScape is unique from any other role-playing game because you can select any path that you want. Sure, you can change your mind after playing the game for quite some time, but it would be best if you already know what you want to achieve in your RuneScape journey. You need to optimize your character based on your playstyle and the gameplay that you would like to experience.

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Get To Know Each OSRS Skill and Combat Class

OSRS has 23 different skills that you can train and master. All skills start at level 1 and are divided into four combat classes: Combat, Gathering, Artisan, and Support. Among these skills, 8 of them are for members-only, meaning non-RuneScape members won’t be able to practice these OSRS skills. If you want to be good at OSRS fast, we highly suggest buying a RuneScape membership.

Knowing these skills will help you choose what kind of player you want to be, you can become a fighter, a ranger, a monk, or a mage, in fact, you can even become a combination of any of those if you put in the time to develop the required skills.

Buy OSRS Gold

If you really want to be good at OSRS fast, then the best way to do just that is to boost your OSRS gold supply. OSRS gold is the most important and useful item in the game. It can help you acquire high-tier items and boost your character’s skills. Gold farming can take time and won’t be that profitable unless you’ve reached high levels of profitable OSRS skills like mining and runecrafting, so the next best thing you can do is buy OSRS gold.

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You can easily get cheap OSRS gold online and it will only cost you about $0.70 per million OSRS gold. If you want to skip all the troubles of acquiring OSRS gold, you can buy your way and become a RuneScape billionaire right away. 

Collect OSRS Guides

You’ll never know when you will struggle during the game until you experience it. The game is actually known to be one of the most difficult MMORPGs today from its complex quests and hard missions. The good news is with millions of players, some of them have been generous enough to share their experience and help other OSRS players with their guides.

When you think that you’re struggling to finish a quest or a minigame, don’t hesitate to check some OSRS guides online. Sure, there might be hundreds of OSRS quests available, but each of them has a guide online that you can use. We know because we did our research already.

You can also make use of OSRS skill guides if you’re struggling to level up on a certain OSRS skill.

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Buy A High-Level OSRS Account

Getting more OSRS gold is a good way to become better at OSRS fast but it’s not the best. If you don’t want to start as a beginner and do all those repetitive and boring tasks needed to level up your character, you can just buy an OSRS account that has reached good levels in your preferred OSRS skills.

Depending on the account that you would be getting, you might save more money getting a premium OSRS account for sale instead of buying millions worth of OSRS gold.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to playing Old School RuneScape, the amount of time and money that you are willing to spend will often determine how far you can go. It’s a difficult game for sure, but this feature also makes it attractive to thousands of other players all over the world.

Hopefully, this OSRS guide made for beginners has been helpful to you and your RuneScape journey. You have hundreds or even thousands of activities to choose from, we’re sure you won’t get bored or tired playing this game. Good luck and we’ll see you around in Gielinor.

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