How To Become A Citizen Via Investment In The Us?

As early as the 90s of the 20th century, many people recognized that naturalization by investment is one of the shortest and easiest ways to become a US citizen. So, how to become a citizen via investment? Instead of meeting dozens of different requirements for professional qualifications as well as foreign languages, now you just need to prepare yourself for a large investment along with a solid knowledge of the issues related to jobs in the US only.

How To Become A Citizen Via Investment

Remove the conditions and become a lawful permanent resident.

As you can probably know, EB-5 is a type of passport that the US provides to those who invest in this country in both the form of profit and non-profit. Unlike regular visas, in the process of applying for an EB-5 visa, you will only be granted conditional residency for two years instead of permanently.

If you want to continue with the process of becoming a US citizen, you will need to submit a request to cancel the constraints on your green card at least 90 days before your permit expires.

You also have to provide information and evidence on the I-829 petition form to demonstrate that you have fully met the requirements under the EB-5 category. 

Within the following six to eight months, you will get the notice of the status of the form from USCIS. If your request is approved, the residency requirements will also be removed. Besides, you will receive an unconditional lawful permanent residence permit.

The following are the proofs that you need to provide to the authorities to verify the conditions they offer:


First, you need to show the application agency the appropriate investments that you have made or are making to develop a business on the EB-5 approved list.

In case you choose to contribute capital to open a commercial enterprise, what you need now is to follow the rules of the EB-5 requirements during the two years of your residency.

Create jobs

One of the key EB-5 requirements is that the visa applicant must create 10 jobs in the host country. Therefore, you must provide proof that your investment has created or will create the number of jobs for 10 workers by US standards. In this case, documents such as payroll records, employee I-9 forms, and related tax documents will be of great help.

Keep up the job

If you’re running a marketable business, you’ll also need to gather documentation and assurances about maintaining the existing workforce in the business.

Apply for US Citizenship

If you have resided in the United States for 5 years or more, you can begin applying to become a citizen of this country through naturalization. To complete this procedure, we need to meet at least the conditions that the authorities have given in the form below.

  • Aged 18 years and older
  • Prove your legal place and presence within the last 5 years through a residence permit
  • Have good morals as well as obey the laws issued by the state
  • Can communicate in the native language
  • Always be prepared to take the oath of allegiance


Each year, a total of about 10,000 EB-5 visas are issued to applicants from different regions of the world. In addition to the capital investment, you basically have to create more jobs and contribute to the US economy. Try to follow the link to learn more about how to become a citizen via investment in other countries.

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