How to Choose a Gift for Your Employees

If you’re looking to show appreciation to your workforce after a particularly trying year, then the right gift might be just the way to do it. You can think of it as a complement to a Christmas bonus, or a pay rise. It’ll demonstrate some festive good-will, and it’ll help you to retain valued employees and bolster morale and productivity in the new year.

But what constitutes a good present for an employee? It depends on the employee in question, and the amount you’ve budgeted for Christmas presents. 

Budget for this operation in the same way that you would budget for a marketing drive, or on courting potential clients. Make sure that you factor in the cost of actually getting the present wrapped and shipped. If a substantial portion of your workforce is remote, then the cost of getting them the gift might be considerable. This would be a good reason to favour a smaller, more easily-posted present.

It’s important to avoid a perceived sense of unfairness among your workforce. This can lead to resentment, and widespread demotivation. It’s therefore a good idea to give every employee the same set of gifts, or to keep the value of those gifts consistent.

The whole point of the exercise here is to demonstrate that the company’s upper management is thinking of its employees. The personal touch is therefore essential. You might include stationary and other gifts with personalised etchings, or select a gift that’s appropriate for the employee in question. Obviously, a personalised card is an obligatory part of the package. Doing so while still keeping the value of the gift on-budget might be difficult – but it’s precisely this difficulty that’ll demonstrate to the employee that you consider them important.

While Christmas is a traditional gift-giving occasion, there are other times of year when an unexpected present is sure to be appreciated. In fact, it’ll be appreciated all the more if it’s completely out-of-the-blue. 

Appoint a given member of staff, or an entire team, to keep track of birthdays, work anniversaries, and other unique occasions. You needn’t mark every single year, but if you break out a big gift for a twenty-fifth work anniversary, it’s sure to send the right signals to the rest of the office: that hard work and dedication will be rewarded by your company culture. What better way could there be to incentivise these good behaviours?

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