How to Clone an Android Phone Data with Android Spy App

The smartphone has become part and parcel of life for a few years. The major proportion of smartphones is using android OS. Nowadays, every young and old use a smartphone to accomplish their routine tasks. 

The kids and teens also use smartphones in large numbers; they use them for addressing their academic activities and to connect with their network. It is observed that kids using smartphones are more vulnerable to threats of harassment and cyber bullying, because there is no barrier in approaching them.

Owing to the purpose of protection, parents seek to record the activities of their children virtually using the Android spy app like

On the other hand, employers look to track the activities of their employees in order to safeguard their business interests. A few instances reported in which employees shared the deep side secrets of the business with the unconcerned people that may cause the business to suffer.

Moreover, corporate owners have concerns about the productivity of the employees because employees sometimes, at the workplace, indulge in activities that are not productive and do not contribute to the business progress. The music and online streaming sometimes cause the business to suffer.

So, for the purpose of tracking the employee activities, an android spy app is needed by the employer. 

There are multiple services that serve the spying needs of the employer and parents, but the best of them is TheOneSpy. The app clones each and every bit of communication and activity taking place on the target phone.

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TheOneSpy was found in 2011, is one of the very best in the business of spying on Android devices, and proudly and efficiently serving its customers for long. It is highly acknowledged and appreciated by its customers. Let us have a look at the app’s offerings. 

TheOneSpy – Best Android Spy App

Location Tracking 

The location tracking feature of the app is truly amazing. The app tracks the entire movement of the target user to the end-user’s phone. The location of the target user can be retrieved at any point of time to know the real-time whereabouts.

The feature protects the kid and employee in many ways; for instance, if an employee or kid has lost contact with the end-user, the location tracking feature of the android spy app can be used to find out if the target user is trapped or caught in for any criminal offense. 


The feature is the most promising of all; it allows to restrict the movement of the target user to a specific area. It allows to allocate allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the target user.

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The employer can restrict the movement of an employee to certain boundaries if he/she finds a place compromising for the business; the monitoring app notifies the end-user through an email if the target user gets out of the prescribed area.

Tracking Internal Storage

The internal storage of the phone can be cloned to the end-user’s phone. All the multimedia stored remains in full access of the end-user.

The calendars, appointments, browsing history, and all other browsed related functions can be stalked at any point of time. The end-user can even choose whether to retain specific content or not.

Website Blocking

The feature is of big-time importance for digital parenting. The android spy app allows to block specific URLs to visit from the target device, which are found to be having inappropriate content for the child; the child will not be able to visit those websites then.

Listening and Recording the Phone Calls

The monitoring app allows the parent and employer to listen to the real-time phone calls of the target user. This provides a deeper insight into the pattern of communication of the target user.

The calls can also be recorded and saved to the online web portal for later reference.

Surround Recording 

The surround recording feature of the spy app allows to bug mic or front or back camera to know the real-time whereabouts of the child or employee. This is done with secrecy so that the target user may not get aware of the spying activity in the best interest of family and business. 


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The android spy app is needed by the parents and employers in order to stay aware of the activities of their target user, to safeguard family and business interests. TheOneSpy is found to be the best spying service that covers all the insights of spying by all means.

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