How To Decorate The Rooms Of Your New Home

Decorating your new home

Upon getting your new home, you are bound to get excited and cannot wait to let your creative juices flow as to how you should go about decorating your new home. However, you might feel lost as to where to begin endless wall spaces, multiple color themes, and an array of furniture models with various functions. Hence, in this article, we will be sharing some tips to aid you in your journey.

Things to take note when furnishing your new residence

1-Measurements will be your best buddy

It is essential to get the dimensions of all corners in your new home. You can either measure the dimensions with your best buddy, or you can obtain them from the architectural drawings. Such dimensions include the height of your home, dimension of your walls, windows, and in-built furniture such as the fireplace. These measurements will greatly aid in your ultimate furniture choice.

2-Shortlist the best ones from all your inspirations

Go through all the inspirations you have gathered thus far from the websites and brochures, and have fun coming up with your ideal color scheme and furniture combination for your home. It is best to shortlist the top few out of all the unlimited ideas you have.

3-What is the focus?

For all designers, they will always ask themselves this: What is the focus for this room? For some zones, it is decided by the architecture.

A ceiling-to-floor window, a hearth, or a wall’s design can be the focus of the space. To obtain an outstanding layout, you can further develop from the focus of the room.

4-Go from the larger things to the minor things

Identify your main players in your design, then decide on what to do next from there. Once you have found the focus of each room, decide on the furniture piece as the focus, and the other complementing furniture pieces will just fall into place.

Although you might be getting a new collection of furniture, your new residence will still be visually appealing when you customize your space with your own creativity. The bigger pieces of furniture will speak of your style, so you can continue developing from there.

5-No need to buy new furniture and appliance for your new home

Bringing together old and new pieces of furniture in your new home would actually be more cozy and personalized for its owners and even guests. You can hire the services of a moving company to help you move old furniture if it’s too heavy or bulky to do it yourself.

The best few room designs are a brilliant mixture of old and novelty. It presents an opportunity to actually enhance the room’s environment. Even if you had chosen a totally contrasting style for your new room, the furniture piece that looks out of place might just be the focal point of your room. 

How to go about designing each space?

The next thing to consider after settling down on your home theme and furniture is the similarity of arrangement in your spaces. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • Are you observing overwhelming cool tones in your home theme?
  • Are your choices leaning towards smooth or textured surfaces?
  • Are the majority of your bookmarked designs of a unique color?
  • Is there any particular trend you observe in the furniture pieces you have picked?

Compile a list of the observations you have made according to the questions above.


In your bedroom, the focus would definitely be your bed. Hence, the frame of your bed will tell of the style for your room. The modern hype is to let everything go big emphasize the vertical spaces you have in your bedroom with your favorite art piece or with bold wallpaper design. 

Another one of the hype trends is the tall headboards for your beds. Do not shy away from bright colors for your headboard.


Remember to decorate your kitchen with your favorite art pieces too. Although you may neglect the design of your kitchen when dining, some simple designs can spruce up the ambiance in your kitchen. You can also add to the ambiance by installing a kitchen splashback from Simply Plastics.

If you have partnered with a professional architecture, you would have known the amount of effort they put in to ensure that the kitchen is designed for efficiency and convenient for living.

Hence, you can appreciate this often-overlooked space in the house by decorating it with some beautiful art pieces.

3-Living room

The living room creates the first impression one has about your new home, hence you have to ensure the tone is positioned right.

Out of the shortlisted inspirations for your home, pick out the main style of the chosen one and include it in your living room. Even if it is just a color palette, use it for the overall scheme, You can also place a beautiful red sea aquarium in your living room to catch the attention of the visitors in your house.

For example, if the focus of your living room is a ceiling-to-floor window, get a curtain fabric of the colors in the chosen color palette. If your color palette is of earthy colors and rustic textures, you can consider fabric such as burlap for your windows.


Do not give up on unconventional furniture pieces such as tables and wooden benches for your towels in your washroom if done properly, it can greatly elevate the space.

Washrooms are getting bigger and more extravagant, you do not have to restrict yourself with the built-in and traditional pieces. You can incorporate the decor of the bathroom with the overall theme of your home, and even enhance it with a contemporary feel with the right picks of furniture.

5-Dining room

The right rug for your dining room can enhance the overall atmosphere in the dining room. Do not try to camouflage with the overall theme, instead, go for a bold color or design.

Putting a table in the dining room tends to leave many other spaces empty, which makes the table outstanding, and also the focus of the room. You can further the visual appeal by fitting the rug with the table.

Design each room with a theme in mind

Work with the design and color of the furniture pieces you will be choosing for the room, and the overall look and feel will come off modern and whole. Moving from a focal point to the edges of the room will never go wrong.

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