How to find someone on their social media

Social media is a gift that keeps on giving, and don’t we love to see it! From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to OnlyFans, developers have new ways for people to interact with their friends, family, favorite content creator, and celebrities. So how do you find them? The good news is most social platforms have search bars that you can use to input someone’s user name, and with a quick search, you can find them.

However, what happens when you do not know someone’s social handle? It could get a little tricky because social platforms have millions, even billions of users. Even with the person’s name does not make it any easier, especially when shared; you could be sifting through thousands of results for hours. All hope is not lost, though! There are other ways to locate someone’s social media profile. These are pro tips you can use to speed up the process of finding an individual’s online profile.

  1. Username Search

This is one of the easiest and most common ways to find someone on social media. Visit the site you think they may be on and scroll to the search bar. Here type out their username verbatim; it should refine your search to the person’s exact profile. In case you are not sure of the spelling, write the name as best as you can remember. With fewer results generated, filtering through the different profiles should not be as hectic.

  1. Contact Search
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Let’s face it; not everyone uses their real names on social media. So, if you do not have someone’s handle, your online search could easily hit a dead end. But let’s talk about contact information. What easily slips people’s minds is that most social platforms like Facebook require users to contact details as part of registration. If you know someone’s phone number or email, you can use it to conduct a reverse search and find their account.

  1. Finder Sites

We understand that some sites like OnlyFans require one’s name or user name to conduct a successful search. So, it is possible you have tried the tips and are still hitting a hard wall. Don’t give up just yet! You can try search engines dedicated to finding people on social media. These websites will help you conduct a better search on people online.


How do these sites work? It’s simple. For instance, you are looking for someone on OnlyFans; these search engines will conduct content searches using locations and keywords to help find OnlyFans accounts related to what you are looking for. 

  1. Website Search

Using someone’s name at the end of the social media’s domain name is an effective technique that you can implement in your search. Even though some people do not use their real names, others do. So how do you do this? For platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you simply include the person’s name at the end of the site without spacing.

  1. Google, Maybe?

Never underestimate what a simple Google search can uncover, especially when you know very little about the person. Google is a broad search engine and very powerful, so with the right details, you might just get lucky. So, how do you improve your search? When you type out the person’s name, ensure you add keywords related to their location, occupation, or marital status. It should help narrow down the results from the pool of information.

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Better yet, if you have a person’s picture, you can conduct an image search with google. Don’t forget to add more details to refine your search, then look through the different image results. If you find the person’s picture, click on it, and voila! It should take you to the linked social media website.

Social media is the new get-to-know-you platform, and millions of people are signing up by the day. Whether it is professionally or socially, social media is changing lives. Using these techniques, family, friends, and total strangers from different countries and even continents are connected. Happy connecting, and remember to stay safe!

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