How to force quit on a frozen Mac?

Force quit on mac means that we are exiting an application that does not respond to any command, making it difficult to use the particular app.  Force quit on mac may happen due to insufficient RAM to run the systems compared to the number of applications you usually open. When a system exploits its existing resources to run an application, it becomes non-responsive, reducing the ability to work on several tasks at once. Forcing quit on Mac only downsizes the problem since it closes files and data on the stuck application only. It is ugly at times as one may end up losing important information and that is the last that you want if you have some important information on the computer and one has to take care and look for solutions to get things done..

Using smart apps like parallel Toolbox helps you to free unused memory to prevent applications from getting frozen repeatedly. These are some of the ways you can use to help you force quit on any frozen application on Mac3, this is something very important and you need to take this in min at all times and this is something very important;

Use the Finder: 

  • Click on the Apple icon on the edge of your screen and select Force Quit.
  • This brings up the Force Quit Applications window displaying open applications.
  • Select the one giving you trouble and click Force Quit.

Keyboard shortcuts:

 If that fails, you can use shortcuts 

  • Click on Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows 10, hit Opt + Cmd + Esc on your keyboard.
  •  This will also bring up the Force Quit Applications window.

Try the Option key

If the frozen program is still proving difficult, there’s a manual way to pick up the app you want to close down.

  •  Right-Click or Ctrl-Click on the stuck app in your Dock.
  •  Press and hold the Option key; this turns the Quit selection to Force Quit in the options list with force quit on mac

If that fails, worry not; you still have alternatives and only need to get creative.

  • Choose the application that’s frozen and click force Quit.

Launch Activity Monitor

  • Navigate the Activity Monitor by clicking the Spotlight icon that is the lenses in the top-right corner of your screen and typing Activity Monitor in the text box. Then select the app on the list.
  • The task manager displaying all the applications running on your computer identifies the app, chooses it, and clicks the button that looks like a Stop Sign in the top-left corner.

If this still doesn’t do the trick, it might be a brilliant idea to save all your open work and restart your machine which is likely to unfreeze the stuck app. If you still want to shut down that app, completely navigate to the nuclear option.

 Use Terminal

This is the most demanding method, and it’s a better option as a final resort if you’re a bit technically-minded.

  • Go to your Applications folder, hit Utilities, and launch terminal
  • Within few seconds Terminal will show your username, followed by a dollar sign. With your keyboard, type the word Top and press the Return key.
  • By referencing the Command, you can find the application that you want to close. Copy the PID in the column close to it by highlighting and pressing Cmd + C. this allows you to complete the Terminal window.
  • Open another Terminal window and type this command Kill followed by space and press Cmd + C. You will see something like “Kill 93142.” The terminal closes the application for you when you click the Return key.

These applications are helpful when you are trying to activate an application that is frozen. Mastering the shortcuts can ease your work, as this means you can navigate any windows and run several apps at once. Forcing quit on Mac 3 ensures that you don’t lose important files and data on other applications apart from the stuck one, thus saving you time and energy. Ensure that your Mac 3 is regularly run on parallel Toolbox to ensure that it doesn’t run out of memory to avoid freezing. It is something that should be known well to you without any issues. Many people ignore this and then regret it is very important for you to take care of force quit on mac, and for that you should plan well. Don’t forget to leave a comments if this content help you figure out your problem.


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