How To Get A Titanium White Octane in Rocket League?

In Rocket League, most of professionals are using Octane. The Octane is a free car available to all players, but the Titanium White Octane can be more complicated to purchase. However, it is the Titanium White Octane is currently the most expensive battle-car in the trading industry, ad it has been the most-sought car for all Rocket League players. This guide will show you how to get TW Octane in Rocket League.

4 Methods To Get Titanium White Octane in Rocket League

The Octane is the first car available to players in Rocket League and is the car of choice for most high level players. It is inspired by the vehicle of the same name in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Originally, painted and Titanium White Octane could be obtained via the trade-in system since from August 3, 2017. However, you also can have other ways to get it faster.

      1.Trade in TW Octane

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Trading in five of your Very Rare drops will net you one new Import Painted Body or Boost. These items are painted versions of the classic cars and boosts from the original game and they always come painted. There are 15 items at that Import level (boosts & cars) and 13 colors. So each time you trade up 5 Very Rares (non-crate) for 1 Import, you only have a 1 in 195 chance of getting a White Octane. That is why many players sell all their Very Rares for credits instead. If you definitely want a White Octane only, you should just buy one from somebody else. Or you can collect the items on the below screenshot to try your lucky on trade-up system:

      2.Trade With Other Players

This is by far the most common way to get a Titanium White Octane in Rocket League. Rocket League’s trading system is easy to use and has very few restrictions. You can trade with a friend who has a Titanium White Octane they are looking to get rid of, or you can find merchants on a third-party trading site. You will find that unpainted Titanium White can be purchased at a low price, but the most sought after colors, such as the rare Titanium White Octane, sell for much more. Titanium White Octane price in Rocket League is pretty straightforward, though the prices differ by platforms. The prices are lowest on PC, but between Playstation and Xbox, the prices are the same range according to the Rocket League Trading Prices Index.  

      3.Buy From Reliable Rocket League Item Shop

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As an extension of Trade with other players in online marketplace, a faster way is to use cash to buy Titanium White Octane directly on third-party online trading sites. But please note that, like any online transaction, you need to identify the security of the trading platform. How to find a reliable trading website? Search for “Buy Rocket League Items” on Google, select the top 5 websites, and compare the overall services such as price, transaction security, and shipping. Here, we recommend Rocketprices.Com, a website that focuses on selling Rocket Leauge Credits and Items. In addition, the free Rocket League Item GIVEAWAY they have been insisting on is very popular among players, which provides a complete free way to obtain credits and high valued items.

      4.The In-Game Item Store

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Titanium White Octane will occasionally appear in the Item Store for purchase. But the days it appears in the store is completely random. Or at least it seems to be, since Psyonix has not commented on how they decide what enters the store. But don’t hold your breath, because the last time the Titanium White Octane was in the store was more than a year ago.

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