How to Hack WiFi Password?

How to hack WiFi password? Isn’t this the question that has dwelled in our minds? If yes, you are at the apt place. techaarvi has brought for you the coolest tips to hack WiFi passwords seamlessly. A knowledge of these techniques will also empower you with ways to strengthen your WiFi network. So come on, it is the time to step into the shoes of a hacker and look at the methods used by him so that we can stay secure and furthermore vigilant. 

Wireless Network

Before plunging into the ways of cracking the WiFi password, let’s see what precisely a wireless network is. Wireless networks refer to those networks that rely on radio waves to connect computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices. 

Anyone can use the WiFi services of wireless networks as these are available to anyone if he/she is present within the range of the WiFi. Therefore, layer 1 of the OSI Model is set as the platform for implementing connecting the electrical devices. 

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How To Crack The WEP? 

Anyone can access wireless networks if they succeed in cracking the WEP. Now, this question may be bugging in your mind as to what WEP is? Well, WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, the cracking of which results in obtaining access to the WiFi, but hey, it’s absolutely unauthorized access. 

To take the reins of security control in your hands, there are two types of cracking the WEP that you can use. 

  1. Active Cracking

Anything ‘active’ is usually more effective, and the same goes for active cracking of the WEP. When you go for active cracking, the network traffic gets impacted by a heavy load effect. However, this method is easily detectable, and you may get noticed by the authorized owner of the network. 

  1. Passive Cracking 

Passive cracking can not be detected easily by the authorized user. So, there are greater benefits for the hacker to use the network for a prolonged period without getting noticed. Moreover, no effect is found on the network traffic while going for the passive WEP cracking mode. 

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Are you pondering as to what tools or software you need to crack the WEP? The helpful tools that you may seek aid from are Kismet, Aircrack, WebDecrypt, and WEPCrack

How To Crack The WPA?

WPA or WiFi Protected Access is a security system launched by the WiFi Alliance to compensate for the inherent weaknesses found in the WEP. It would be wrong to think of WPA as not having any weakness. It has very weak passphrases and is highly subjected to the rejection of service attacks. 

Now, the question is, how can you crack the WPA code?

Here are some incredible tools that you can use. 

  • Cowpatty: This tool undertakes a brute force attack on the WPA to decode the PSK or Pre-shared Keys. 
  • Cain & Abel: This is yet another good tool to crack the code of the capture files by seeking help from the Wireshark, a sniffing program. By making use of the WPA-PSK code, you can quickly gain access to the WiFi. 
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Now that you ultimately know how to hack WiFi password, strengthening your WiFi network is essential to save yourself from the intrusion of unauthorized users. WPA always has higher security than WEP. It is recommended that you check for the presence of hackers periodically by using Intrusion Detection Systems. Sign up for the best security policy to ensure that your WiFi is entirely safe and secure. 

Please take all the steps required to secure your network and don’t neglect it. Treat it in that important way as you would have done to ensure the security of your residential property from the entry of unauthorized persons or intrusions. Yes, the safety of WiFi networks is that important!

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