How to handle bookkeeping clients who are new?

Some of the clients that are exploring their hands in the freelance industry might be pretty new to the market. They would certainly not be aware of the terms and conditions and also the kind of resources that they might get to work within the freelance industry.  

Working with new clients can always be a tough phase even for freelance bookkeepers because they do not understand the dynamics of the freelance market and can commit a lot of mistakes from their end. They can also turn out to be quite demanding and annoying at the same time. 

A Freelance bookkeeper cannot afford to lose on any freelance bookkeeping assignment on the client that they come across. But, at the same time, it is mandatory that you learn how to step your foot down and learn to deal with such new clients. You can navigate to Dormzi to understand some of the tips that can be used when you come across a new client in the bookkeeping sector. 

  • Be polite

The first and foremost thing that is required for you to handle new clients as a freelance bookkeeper is to stay calm and polite. Remember to listen to the entire requirement even before you speak up something.

  • Do not interrupt them.
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The new clients would certainly be short-tempered because they would be in need of freelance bookkeepers immediately. With this haste, they might end up blurting the entire requirement at one breath, and this can become really difficult for the freelance bookkeepers to understand.  

However, do not interrupt them in between unless and until they are completely done. Once they have totally vented out their requirement, you can always ask them questions in order to understand the details on the assignment properly. Cutting them in between would only make your life more complicated because they might not be aware of what they want from the freelance bookkeepers.

  • Listen to them carefully.

A new client who would be exploring the freelance markets in the areas of bookkeeping might be completely nice, and they would not even know how to prepare the job description while posting on the freelance websites. If you happen to strike a conversation with any such clients, it is important that you listen to them carefully in order to understand the entire assignment before striking a deal.

  • Check whether they are genuine.
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After spending certain years in the freelance industry as a bookkeeper, you would certainly have gained experience in order to gauge the clients. By looking at the profile of the client or by reading the job description that has been posted, you would be able to understand whether the client is new to freelance marketing or an experienced one.

These are the two hints that can help you to identify a genuine client for yourself. A lot of new clients can be scammers, and it is important that you understand their intention and motive even before you take up the assignment. 

  • Question them

A client who has no experience in hiring bookkeepers from the freelance market would certainly end up making a lot of blunders because they would not have any idea as to how the freelance industry works. They might not be clear while explaining the requirement or when it comes to quoting a price. 

The kind of price that they quote can be a way to lesser than the industry standards. During such times, it is always a good number of questions from your end would help you to handle them properly. 

  • Be patient

Patience is certainly one of the primary factors that are required when you are planning to work with a client who is pretty new to the areas of bookkeeping. At times, you may have to end up sharing some of your knowledge that you would have gained as a freelance bookkeeper. 

These things are to be done in order to make things work easily and seamlessly between the two of you when there is a bookkeeping activity happening. All these things must be dealt with a great amount of patience; else, there are high chances of the clients leaving you in between.

  • Empathize with them
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As already mentioned, as lost as you would be as a new freelance bookkeeper, a new client would also be equally trying to find themselves in the freelance industry the very first and when they launch themselves. 

As an experienced freelance bookkeeper,it becomes your responsibility to empathize with the client and help them with their bookkeeping activity without being dishonest or unfaithful when it comes to pricing or offering your services.

These are some of the most important tips that can come handy to you when you are dealing with a new client in the freelance industry.

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