How to Increase Transparency at Work to Boost Your Team’s Success

Business transparency implies being open, honest, and straightforward about your organization’s projects and operations. A transparent company is characterized for sharing publicly information related to performance, small business revenue, internal processes, sourcing, pricing, and last but not least, business values.

In today’s world, transparency is more essential than ever. Thanks to the internet and other tech advancements, consumers have become more empowered to ask companies to be transparent. On the other side, employees also used to have very little information about companies. Today, if you want to build a super effective team, you’ll need to embrace a great level of transparency within your organization.

Companies that keep all things transparent and share information have greater loyalty, greater shareholder return, and harder working employees. In this article, you will learn how to increase transparency at your workplace, which will boost your team’s success. As a business leader, it will also help you build trust in your organization.

7 Tips to increase Transparency at Work to Boost Your Team’s Success

In any business, transparent leadership drives very important employee engagement. Without having transparency within your team or company, employees may lose trust in your company. 

Organizations should understand that internal transparency translates to happier employees. This makes it essential to increase transparency in your workplace to boost your team’s success.

1. Keep everyone up to date

It is important to keep each employee or the team member up to date about any progress reports, current updates, or deliveries to name a few within a company. To do this effectively, every organization should have a weekly All Hands meeting that occurs every Monday morning and involving every employee.

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Whether your company has branch offices based in different parts of the world or remote employees, everyone should come up with a mutual time to catch up at the weekly All Hands meeting. 

Moreover, the degree of information that you will share each week in the All Hands meeting builds trust and helps the team understand their impact on the company. Also, during the All Hands meeting, every team leader can give an update about any progress from their department. 

It is very helpful to get the overall summary of the week’s performance and understand the team’s goals for the upcoming week. You can also set up a separate meaning where the leadership team will go in-depth review about quarterly reviews of the company’s performance at the end of each quarter.

2. Use a Collaboration Platform

Collaboration platforms play an important role in keeping things transparent within your team. Tools such as Microsoft Teams sbc help employees stay updated with everything that’s going on and respond fast. These platforms ensure that information is being disseminated in the best way possible. 

Because of the collaboration platform, employees feel involved in what is going on and like having a stakeholder in the process as well. These platforms help employees check and schedule all the project planning stages, contribute and share ideas among all other team members.

3. Identify and share metrics for success 

Every organization needs to set goals and key results every quarter. These objectives and key results are done on both, an individual and team level as well as company-wide. Everyone’s objectives and key results are shared with the entire company. 

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This helps each employee within the organization to get an understanding of what each individual is working towards as well as what each team is working towards. On an individual level, this can be very helpful because you can align your individual goals with the team’s goals. 

This will help to make sure that you are working towards achieving the same thing. Sharing your objectives and key results with the entire company creates transparency in the eyes of other team members.

4. Get feedback and collaborate by sharing drafts with your team members

One of the main aspects of transparency is getting feedback from others. For example, you can share content information in the form of drafts with your team members through Google Docs. You can also use Employee Scheduling Software to keep track of deadlines and important dates.

When you share it, your team members will be able to edit it, give comments, or provide valuable feedback. It’s a powerful way to get other team members to feedback right away and be able to have all that information in one place.

5. Stay updated on your teammates’ work

Staying up to date on your teammates’ work and seeing what they are working on helps to increase transparency in the workplace. Collaboration platform where you can monitor each team member’s conversation and current updates or status regarding the given tasks. 

This will help you understand how the team is spending their time or currently working on. You can easily monitor shared inbox assignments to know what everyone within your team is assigned. Also, on certain platforms, you can subscribe to the specific conversation to stay up to date even if you are not a direct participant in the conversation.

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6. Increase employee engagement

Employee engagement also plays an important role to increase transparency in the workplace. Highly engaged teams perform much better than their counterparts. It’s a top priority for the leadership teams in every organization which directly helps to increase transparency and trust among employees. 

Employee engagement is simply the emotional commitment that employee has to their work, the team’s goals, and the company’s mission. Moreover, employee engagement has proven to increase transparency and productivity, improve customer satisfaction, drive higher profits, and boost employee wellness. 

By engaging employees, you will help them reach their full potential due to an increase in transparency since modern workers expect to stay engaged.

7. Hire the right people

During the hiring process, it is important to confirm that the candidate is excited about your approach to maintain a transparent culture in the workplace. It is important to communicate the candidates about the values, mission, and philosophy of your company. This is done to ensure that the values and transparent culture of the company resonate with the candidates or potential hires.


To conclude, organizations that practice transparency have a little bit more leeway to learn and evolve. There are challenges and investments required to build trust and transparency. But the commitments, brand loyalty, and employee loyalty will outweigh all the investment that’s required. 

This makes it important for companies to increase transparency in the organization or workplace. This will most importantly help to boost productivity among employees and contribute to the overall success of the team.

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