How to login TCS Ultimatix first time

Ultimatix is a portal of Tata Consultancy Services, popularly referred as TCS. The name of the organization is taken with high esteem since it has been professionally changing the lives of those who wish to succeed in life. Ultimatix tcs is a platform through which employees can streamline their professional necessities in terms of managing their salary, timesheet, HR service etc with ease and perfection. 

How do I log into TCS Ultimatix?

The process of Login is easy, quick, and fast and hassle free

  • You need to visit the official website of TCS Ultimatix
  • Type the credentials in terms of username and password
  • The company has taken the aspect of safety and security with the highest esteem. For the same reason, you are given a confidential Client ID and password. It is then used to login your account 
  • Login to your Account 
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You can either use the very own app of the company which is by the name of TCS Ultimatix iOS App or you have another choice of using Android mobile app. It is possibly the easiest possible thing to download TCS Ultimatix. Now, continue to gain similar kind of knowledge and many more from sites like techiestate which are periodically updating its content for the interest of users, so that they can always be tech empowered. 

How do I find my Ultimatix password?

It is true that confidential information should be safeguarded in the highest manner. But even the portals realize, that there may be times when the user out of a mistake forget the password. So, what should be done in that case? Well, don’t worry.  

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  • Visit the official website namely 
  • Go to the option where you can see ‘Forgot Password’ Click on it. 
  • Enter your credentials in the form of 
  • Username 
  • DOB along with other specific information which the company asks in terms of the 
  • Date on which the employee has joined the company
  • Security Question

This is how, you are able to reset the password and login. 

How do I get the Ultimatix Authenticator app?

It is true that mobile app has made accessing the features of the portal easy, quick and hassle free as you just have to refer mobile for viewing the complete information. Yes, your pocket will literally have all the detailed information which the TCS Ultimatix ERP Portal offers to you. 

  • Simply download the Ultimatix Authenticator app by going to the official site 
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  • After filling the credentials, install the app
  • Now Ux Apps Login
  • Download App
  • Setup App
  • Login with your Ultimatix
    Username and Password.
  • Create Pin
  • This is how, you have completed the Set Up
  • Both for mobile and desktop login, you have to enter the code
  • Now, you are free to use the App

How do I log into Ultimatix without auth code?

If you have lost the access to Ultimatix Authenticator, then simply raise a Change Request (CR) in Global Helpdesk to enable temporary access 

By raising request, you will get a temporary access for roughly two days through which you can easily login to Ultimatix with the help of password. 

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