How to Make Headphones Louder


Now a day’s headphones are the smaller version of loudspeakers that can be carried all day around one’s neck. They cover up both the ears along with around the head.  It can be connected to a single source such as radio, CD player, portable media player, mobile phones, or video games. Actually, the idea of headphones was adopted from telephones. Other names of headphones are earphones and ear-speakers. 

Either your headphones are not sounding great as they are; even your sound volume is also adjusted to the maximum level but didn’t get a clear sound, so this article is very useful for you. In this article, we are giving you five easy and simple ways to make your headphones sound clearer with high volume. Below are some ways to boost the sound level of your headphones.

  1. Cleanup headphones regularly
  2. Modifying the settings of restricted volume level 
  3. Download applications that can boost-up the device’ sound
  4. Using an Amplifier
  5. Buy high-quality headphones 

Cleanup headphones regularly: 

The very first step to clean up your headphones is to remove the stuck ear wax as well as oil from it so that the sound comes up clearly. Continuous usage of headphones may impart specific heat that melts the ear wax, and this melted wax may stick in earplugs. If this ear wax is not cleaned up immediately, then its layers will form deposition layers and block the mesh of headphones. This excessive layering of ear wax and oil can block the sound and lower down the volume of sound. Thus the user feels difficulty in hearing the sound clearly. Therefore it is of utmost importance to regularly clean the headphones. For cleaning up the headphones, different tactics can be applied, i.e., you can use liquid soap and mix it with water to remove earwax, dust, oil, or any dirt particles. Moreover, a very commonly used chemical H2O2 can also be used for this purpose. Apply these liquids on earplugs with the help of a toothbrush, which will be dipped in liquid soap or H2O2 and then moved over earplugs in a circular motion. The wax will stick to the brush and be removed easily. But this method is not suitable for every type of headphone. Some headphones are not waterproof and thus get out of working if any liquid is used for its cleaning. Therefore it is better to read the instructions given with headphones and then clean them accordingly. 

For waterproof headphones, gently remove the soft ear-tips and clean them by soaking into lukewarm water, followed by gentle tapping with any soft piece of cloth or cotton. All the dirt particles will get out of these tips, and once they are dried, you can fix them back. Then you can check the clearance of sound. The next step is to clean up the ear-buds. It is a very delicate step. You have to be very careful while cleaning the ear-buds because if water leaches into the ear-buds and enters in the wire, then the headphones will become useless. Therefore you must keep the headphones in downwards direction and then apply a minute amount of H2O2 or any other alcohol to clean them. Hold them in this way until the ear-buds are thoroughly cleaned. Let them dry with the help of cotton fabric or cotton buds. In this way, you can clean up your headphones to enjoy a clear and louder volume.  

Modifying the settings of restricted volume:

Modifying the pre-set setting of volume on smartphones or other devices can allow you to enjoy the louder and clearer sound. Several states have set a limit on the sound volume in multiple devices. For instance, in the U.S, a limit of 120 decibels on smartphones and on an MP3 player has been set by the law. On the other hand, in Europe, the law has set the volume limit of 85 decibels for smartphones and MP3 players. However, you can modify these settings and can enjoy a volume of 100 decibels while staying in Europe. So you just need to eliminate the volume limits on your device, and it will make your headphones louder and clearer. 

Download applications that can boost-up the device’ sound 

After modifying the settings of smartphones, if the user still feels a hurdle in listening to anything on his headphones, then he should download such applications on his phone that can boost up the volume of his phone. In android phones, multiple apps are available on play stores that can boost up your phone’s volume and make the user enjoy a clear sound. Not only in android phones but also several applications work best in stimulating the volume of windows phones as well as I-phone models. You can search out the most effective applications for your smartphone and then download them after checking all the reviews given by users. It is better to take a look at reviews before downloading these applications and then select the one with maximum best reviews so that you do not waste your time in downloading spam applications with zero efficiency.  

Using an Amplifier:

The headphones are speakers, and all speakers have an amplifier. It makes the sound great if headphones are coped up with a good and high-quality amplifier. A good amplifier makes the volume enhancement.  The smaller amplifier, the volume of sound gives the lower output. The underpowered headsets devices reduce both sound and volume quality. When you are using a headphone with an amplifier, if you have huge on-ear headphones, amplifiers make the sound clearer. 

Buy high-quality headphones:

After cleaning up the headphones thoroughly and downloading effective applications for stimulating the volume of phones, if the user continuously feels a hurdle in getting the clear and louder sound on his headphones, then he must buy some high-quality headphones. Because every product has an expiry date so maybe the user’s headphones are unable to perform their best because they are too old for that. There are numerous brands that are offering headphones with the best quality and you can find many suggestions on HeadphonesAholic. The user can buy any of them according to his smart phone’s model. 


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Hence you need a headphone for personal use, or either professional use headphones come in helpful.  Good quality headphones make a sound louder and great. Now you have learned above several ways to make your headphones louder, so try these tips and tricks and make your headphones become louder.

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