How to Make Your Documents Look More Professional

How to Make Your Documents Look More Professional
How to Make Your Documents Look More Professional

NewsDio Desk : Whether you are a student or a professional, you will always be required to submit documents that look professional. There is no rule that bounds you to follow these stylings, but the viewer will judge your abilities by the presentation of the document. If your goal is to impress the recipient and make the file easy to read, you should follow these tips to make it look professional.

Apply Proper Page Margins

Adding too much or too less margins around the page makes it look weird. You should decide one margin and keep it consistent throughout the document. These margins usually depend on how the viewer will read this document. If it is to be printed, it is suggested to use the normal margin of 1 inch. You can also use narrow margins of 0.5 inches, but it is not recommended unless you are trying to fit the content on the same page. If you are using a Portable Document Format, you can use SodaPDF to set margins and make any other changes you want. 

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Use Headings Styles

Most professionals don’t even know what these heading styles are for. They make your job a lot easier and make the document look way more professional. You might see the styles called Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 in your word processor. This option does not only apply styling to headings but also gives the document a proper structure. You can even link to different portions of the document by using them. Furthermore, they have HTML configuration behind them, which makes the document more readable even for browsers. 

Add Space After the Paragraph

There should more space between paragraphs compared to lines. Use the option to leave space after each paragraph by default. This would make the document look more attractive. If you are starting a new portion of the document, then it is suggested to also leave one line after the paragraph. 

Font Size Should be 11

Although it’s the most basic thing, a lot of professionals still make the mistake of using the wrong font size. The most appropriate font is 11, no matter what font you are using. The font you use depends on you. If you are uncertain about it, it is recommended to use Calibri. You can never go wrong by using Calibri Body and Calibri Heading. 

Line Space of 1.5

There are options from 1 point to 3 points for space between lines. The first point makes the lines too near to each other and the 3rd point leaves too much space between. While many have their personal preference here, your document is most readable when the line space is 1.5 points. 

Do Not Use Center Alignment

Using center alignment to justify all lines is not a good option. It shows you have never done this before and are trying too hard yet failing at it. Always align the document to the left. The center alignment leaves too much or too little space between words to justify the ends. 

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