How to overcome Anxiety Disorders through Therapy

There is an alarming figure of those who experience anxiety. The data is quite alarming in the United States as well the rest of the world. People who have anxiety have extreme reactions to adverse situations. However, there are ways through which one can check the rising depression and anxiety and in order to ensure that matters don’t reach alarming proportions, there are sites in the form of which empowers you to have a positive approach towards life. Hence, there are also few of the following therapies which are highly needed to make the situation pleasant:-

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is quite effective which fights anxiety disorders. Even research has proven it to work highly effectively in panic, phobias etc. CBT believes that it is your thoughts process which matter and certainly not the current situation. Hence, the goal is clearly to identify the cause of why you are thinking negatively so as to overcome the same with realistic thoughts by implementing the coping mechanism. As you recognize anxiety, so based on the things which you have learnt in CBT, you can easily manage panic, fear.

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Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy makes the most realistic approach of overcoming the fear through “Head On”.   The therapist with start with the situations where you will enhance the feelings of anxiety which has the following steps:-

  • Relax:  There is relaxation training suggested by the therapist which involves deep breathing, meditation etc
  • List: You will require to create the list of situations which enhances your anxiety whereby you will rank them in terms of respective intensity
  • Expose: The third and the final step will be a healing process where you are going to use the relaxation techniques to work towards the anxiety provoking objects.

Following are few of the situations where the psychologist may create towards increasing your anxieties

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In vivo exposure : Here, you are going to experience your anxiety provoking situation in real life. So, if you have social anxiety, then you will be instructed to give a speech in front of others, so as to overcome the same.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT works in a way where you tend to accept the things as they are, while still working to change it. It can be better explained in such a manner where you love yourself as the way you are currently in. However, at the same time, you try to change yourself for the better.

This therapy makes use of four powerful skills:-

  • Mindfulness :- Here you feel connected to the current situation and you are notified about the thoughts of anxiety, without being ruled by it
  • Distress tolerance: Here, you will be told to manage your anxiety right at the moment when you are faced with a situation full of stress
  • Interpersonal effectiveness : Here, you need to learn the most important aspect of saying NO, and similarly ask for the things which you actually need and require
  • Emotion regulation:- It is important to work your way towards managing your identity, before they get bigger the proportion and possibly get out of control.

What are the methods through which you get the maximum from Therapy?

  • Inform everything to the therapist
  • Try to minimize the stressful situations from your life, as they make your anxieties worse
  • Take a focused goal towards your life
  • Be socially active and take the support, as and when you need
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