How to Recover Deleted, Corrupted or Unsaved PDF Files on Mac?

The easiest thing to do while working on a computer system is to lose data. It requires little to no help to accidentally delete or corrupt the data existing on the computer system. It could be a human error, faulty system, virus attack or an unknown reason. All these reasons will pop up without any prior notice. That is why one should be prepared for data recovery all the time.

How can I be prepared for data recovery?

The best way to deal with logical data loss is to have a trusted data recovery software in hand. These types of softwares are very much capable of recovering files from the location where these files were lost originally. These softwares use a simple process and consume some amount of time to give you extremely unbelievable results. The best among all the options available in the market is the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac.

Can I recover deleted, corrupted or unsaved PDF files on Mac?

Yes, one can not only recover deleted, corrupted or unsaved PDF files on Mac but all the other kinds of files using Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac. Not only all kinds of files, but this software is compatible with all kinds of Mac storage media including. Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, external hard drives and more. These storage media could also be working on macOS Catalina and lower versions. Not just deleted, corrupted or unsaved data, the software can also recover files from an unbootable system where all the data becomes inaccessible.

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How to use Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac to recover deleted, corrupted or unsaved PDF files on Mac?

If deleted, corrupted or unsaved PDF files on Mac are needed to be recovered, it is best to use Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac to do it safely. Here are the steps which are required to be followed for data recovery:

  1. Download the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac from the official website Stellar Recovery India.
  2. Once the download is finished, install the application in the storage media where recovery is needed to be done.
  1. After installation ends, run the software in the computer system.
  2. Select Data Recovery from the main interface and go ahead with upcoming pages.
  3. Select the type of file which is needed to be recovered and proceed further by clicking Next.
  1. Select the location where the software should be looking for recoverable PDF files.
  2. Select Deep Scan and move forward by clicking Scan. Wait for the software to create a list of all the recoverable PDF files in the selected location.
  3. Now, one could Preview the files and choose the ones which are required to be recovered and restored.
  1. These chosen files could be saved by clicking on Recover and further selecting the location where they will be saved after recovery.
  2.  Lastly, wait for the software to complete the process and recover all the files and save them in the designated location.
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However, it should be noted that in case of recovering different files than PDF, the setting could be changed and the software will find recoverable files according to the selection.

What makes Stellar recommendable?

Stellar has various exceptional features which makes it outstand all the other data recovery software providers in the market. A few of the great features are mentioned below to help the user make the right choice:

  • Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac offers the user numerous file formats for recovery. However, in case the user can not find the desired file format in the list, it could be easily added and recovery of the particular file format becomes possible.
  • During the process of data recovery, Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac repairs any corrupt videos and photos which is helpful in ensuring the quality of the data which has been recovered.
  • With Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac, there is no need to have different softwares for different kinds of files as it takes care of all types of files.
  • Data could be lost due to deletion, formatting, virus attack or drive corruption, Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac will always be there for the rescue.
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What can I do without the software?

Time Machine Backup is an application provided by Apple to all the Mac users which backs up the data and sync it properly. Upon losing data, the user can easily gain access to the application and recover the data lost to any reason.

However, if you need to use a software as Time Machine Backup application could not help you this time, make sure you set it up in advance for data recovery in future.


Although Time Machine Backup is the best way to recover data when using a Mac product, Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac will become the best possible aid in the time of need. If your Time Machine is not synced with your Mac, do not worry for data recovery and use Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac without a second thought.

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